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After the player defeats Guy on the second level, he and Tear show up to prevent another fight from starting. Throughout the story, Jade always seems to be several steps ahead of the rest of the party.

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Whenever Jade's feelings betray his calm and collected mask, he quickly distances himself from them. Radiant Mythology 3EstelleRita Mordioand Raven find Jade's spare glasses on the floor, and Rita eventually begins wearing them.

After the player gets the story mission to go save him and along with the others. Radiant Mythology 2 Jade and most of the Abyss characters appear as playable characters in Tales of the World: Jade has a snide, sarcastic response to even the most serious subjects, and loves to tease his companions.

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His original last name, Balfour, is the name of an actual, historical doctor. Through leveling up, Jade gains powerful fonic artes for each element except for Light and Dark.

Jade reappeared during the battle with the "Liger Queen", using his fonic artes to cv modello europeo online dating defeat the beast. However, Largo uses a fon slot seal to block Jade's abilities during the invasion of the Tartarus.

As the group heads toward their destination aboard the Tartarus, they are attacked by the Oracle Knights and six God-Generals. Soon after, he met the two in Engevewhen Luke was being accused of stealing the town's food.

Gallery Cut-in image for Indignation in Tales of the Abyss. During the later parts of the story, Jade goes on a mission with the Protagonist to find Anise after she leaves the guild.

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Because he is very adept at masking his deepest thoughts and feelings, Jade is often able to see through others when they try to hide things.

Tales of the World: The spear Jade uses throughout the entire game is his weapon the "Fonic Lance". This is apparent near the end of the game, when Luke's health is deteriorating. He is also capable of casting Mystic Cage as his mystic arte. Jade wields spears in battle, an unusual weapon for a spellcaster.

He had deduced Guy's true identity before anyone else, and he is the only one who shows suspicions from observing Anise's behavior at Mt.

Jade Curtiss

Jade appears as an enemy cameo character in Tales of Zestiria as part of the series' anniversary celebration due to Abyss also being a decade-anniversary title. When Jade first meets the party, he joins at an abnormally high level, possessing all of the artes that he has access to by that level, such as Blessed Drops and Ground Dasher.

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Trivia Jade's last name, Curtiss, is derivative from Old French, given as a nickname to a man of good education, referencing his high intelligence. Each of Jade's four strike artes can be altered by a different FOF element. When he returns to his initial level, he states in a skit that the others probably caught up to his level by then, making all of them relatively equal to him by that time.

He enjoys pushing the group in the right direction, letting them think they are filling in the gaps of what they experienced, when he might have discovered the answer long before the question appeared. In Tales of the World: Jade's belt buckle shape is a reference to Namco's iconic Pac-Manwith the belt notches appearing to be pellets.

Jade assured the townsfolk that Luke was not the thief.

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If Jade is furiously yowling at a character, when another asks what is wrong, he will quickly put on a small smile and act like nothing had occurred, which further rises suspicion among the party. Status image in Tales of VS. As he increases in level throughout the story, Jade attempts to reverse the fon slot seal to regain all of his former abilities.

Cut-in image for Tales of VS.

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Not one to be stopped by such a handicap, Jade, with the assistance of Mieu Fire, manages to catch Largo off guard and seriously wound him using his spear. Because of his knowledge on the adverse effects that fomicry creates, Jade is concerned with Luke's health and well-being, which the party is not fully aware of until near the very end of the story.

Beneath his decidedly lively exterior lies a businesslike and scarily practical soldier's attitude. He hardly ever appears shocked, and he always has a complex and lengthy explanation behind many of the events that stun the party. Unlike the rest of the party, he does not physically carry his weapon in battles; rather he produces it seemingly from nowhere via a unique technique he developed and then sends it away again after finishing his attack.

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