Mid-season finale review: ‘Mad Men’ – ‘Waterloo’: The best things in life are free Mid-season finale review: ‘Mad Men’ – ‘Waterloo’: The best things in life are free

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Roger calls Don and tells him the bad news.

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At home, Don calls Megan Calvet. Roger's all-star Chevy team. Like we said, pure Betty in affect, but totally unlike Betty in her thinking. The idea of just selling stuff or the prospect of making money, wasn't going to be enough to persuade someone like Ted — how could you kid a kidder?

As he arrives at his office, Don's secretary Meredith brings him some bad news.

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Then she started making the attempt to dress a little more grown up, missing the mark slightly each time. Julio is never really far from her mind. The next evening, 20 Julythe entire world watches the Apollo 11 lunar module touch down on the moon and Neil Armstrong take humanity's first steps on the surface of the moon.

It was no accident that he died on the night he did. Here are things that are not at all surprising: The captain wishes Apollo 11 a safe flight, and after performing the sign of the cross Peggy tells Harry that if Apollo 11 crashes they will have to postpone their Burger Chef pitch.

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What makes the scene so effective and sad is how subdued it is. Given flirts waterloo review mad understandable concerns about his own age and potential irrelevance, how will he feel watching a story about a bunch conjecturing relationships dating Wild West relics who go down in a blaze of glory?

With Don's lesson on honesty learnt, he keeps his situation from his family — including his wife, living on the opposite coast to get her acting career going while in theory she waits for Don to find and job and move out to join her.

Full spoilers for the Mad Men midseason finale follow.

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Then again, this is a show that has already warped itself with LSD, marijuana and speedballs the last drug bringing with it a more low-key song-and-dance number that helped pave the way for this one.

Meanwhile, Roger wants above all else to save the agency. She consoles the crying boy. That is, until Don dangles an excuse to move back to New York in front of him. He knows she's great, that she can do it, and that she deserves it, and she proves him right — and that sly smile he gives her midway through the presentation was as powerful a denouement for their relationship as their dance the week before.

The Verdict

It's enough to give us what passes for a happy ending in Mad Men: Draper is in the wake of his struggles and not sure how to find his own way. If Ted had actually quit and left or hell, killed himself it would have felt like a waste. He probably has half a dozen spots in Manhattan where he can take potential clients or mistresses without anyone knowing about them.

A strong start to the endgame then, with plenty going on, most of which works. Ted agree and all partners but Cutler agree to be acquired. For one, it caused Roger to finally—finally—step up to the plate and take ownership of his role in the agency.

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But for now — and for the last time in quite a while for a new episode of this great damn show — what did everybody else think? This is where the joy comes from, this embrace of performance. The musical sequence felt like an odd fit.

Contrast that with Peggy, who takes this moment to look around and see how everyone else is reacting.

Mad Men recap: season seven, episode seven – Waterloo

This blog is for those who are watching season seven of Mad Men. Meredith trying to assume control of the conversation and comfort Don, or Don's baffled reaction to the pass she's making at him.

Don tells him to just take the offer. And Don, who has so often not been a team player, hurting others in his quest for self-preservation, seems to realize he's run out of chances when Roger tells him about Bert's death and Jim Cutler's power playand decides to sacrifice for the sake of the team he's leaving behind.

We saw this as an example of a fumbling teen girl with a crush taking her cues from her movie-star pretty mother instead of following the trends. Had that Leadership lecture been the last we saw of Cooper… dayenu.

'There's been a change of plans'

And does that look like what progress should? She has worked and worked, and it's still the Pete Campbells of the office who rack up the zeros in their bank balances and damn her with faint praise last week's "as good as any woman".

There was a delicious irony in staging an elaborate song and dance number to remind Don that's there's more to life than money: As Peggy astutely noted in the pitch, this is what Burger Chef has to figure out how to do; how to get families away from their TVs and into their restaurants.

Later, Roger angrily speaks to Bert, who tells him that although Cutler has vision and is a leader, and Roger does not, Bert is still on the same team as Roger is.