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Flirting with disaster rock band 3 guitar, flirtin with disaster southern fried rock guitar show 2009:

GH3's Guitar had some problems when I got it, mainly with the frets not being recognized due to the removable neck bad idea!!! I remember something about this Rock Band guitar's frets are too clicky, and I prefer GH3 guitar's fret buttons because of that.

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However the guitar controller for RB3 is one of the best affordable electronic guitars ever made. I suspected that when I wrote the original question, but wasn't sure Now having two working guitars I can say I like them both equally. So that's my opinion on it.

Guess this is a lot of speculation.

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I got a replacement and now that's fine. I guess I didn't make that clear. As for Rock Band's Guitar, well the one that came with it had the faulty strum bar, but other than that everything worked fine.

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It either doesn't go off when I want it to, or goes off by itself. Therefore, it will take at least. Other notes will take even longer - up to a few tenths of a second.

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Got a replacement for that one too, came in two days and this one appears to be working fine. I meant more "is there a subset of MIDI electric guitars that will work with the game", rather than "will the average electric guitar work with the game.

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How is that handled? Wish I could merge the 2 to make the perfect Guitar controller, but meh. Mar 16, Well, I'm split.

Flirting With Disaster

Guitar synth covers both types. Oh, I knew that! I won't vote on the poll since there's no "I like both equally" option.

I like neither more than the other. Totally talking out of my rump, though.

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Well, this is the kind of thing I was sort of expecting However the GH3 guitars strum bar is too clicky and is far too annoying to use on segments on songs where it's best to strum both up and down, and prefer the way the Rock Band's guitar strum bar feels for that.

Some members of the former were quite good, but also quite expensive, but the opposite also applied to the latter. In addition to increased levels of lag, notes that were played together will not be fully recognized at the same time.

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Middle C has a wavelength around Hz. To the best of my knowledge, straight up electric guitars will not work with RB3.