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Funny questions to ask siri What do you usually ask Siri, your virtual assistant? Let's see how far we can get with Siri: Who is your favorite Willie Wonka: Why did the chicken cross the road?

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Apple's response here had everyone in fits a year or so ago - look out for the Cookie Monster reference. Siri vs the competition There's more fun to be had if you ask Siri about some of Apple's competitors.

What you looking at, Willis? Have you ever been in therapy? My personal taste in music is rather unconventional.

Go Ahead, Give Siri a Try!

I think we need to date other people. As many people use the service of this virtual assistant, a lot of great jokes appeared.

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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck of woodchuck could chuck wood? OK, I found this: Trilogy Stores, premium denim retailers of straight cut jeans for women, provide us with some insight: My shift ends inyears.

When you quit, will you give two weeks notice? Ask Do you have any pets? Want to spend more time chatting to Siri? Siri, do you know I love you? Here are a few more things turkish dating girls ask if you'd like to feed your ego: Here's one of our favourites: Is that a wig you're wearing?

Though she is not a human still she does a great job of offering up some advice and attitude when questions were asked of her. Worn with a dark or pastel shirt, white denim can be work-appropriate — choose a pair with a slim-leg to create a smart, summer look.

Similarly, ask Testing, testing and one of Siri's responses is: What phone should I buy?

Funny Things to Ask Siri for iPhone 7: Jokes, Questions, & Tricks (Video)

Do you play any instruments? What Does The Fox Say? How old are you? Why you always vibrate? What are you doing later? Do you have kids?

Many people find it amusing to ask Siri hilarious or provocative questions. What does the fox say?

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As we can see, there are a range of ways to style denim for the office. How many pounds in a groundhog's mound when a groundhog pounds hog mounds. Siri being 'helpful' Need to make an important decision?

You might need to know your Japanese anime to get this reference: Here's our guide to flirting with Siri. Siri's response, the alliterative: Is today a good day to Die Hard?

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We expect that how much Siri is paid probably depends on whether Siri is male or female, so we'll ask: Tell me a joke. On the twelfth of never, along with a few other answers.

21 Provocative Questions to Siri

Where did left my keys? Please clean my room, sir. Will you marry me? Read me a haiku.

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What is your gender? Have you watched the movie Her? What do you think of iOS? Anderson… er, I mean, Elena. You can also try: She has some great answers for this one. You know that everything I have is yours. Are you dating anyone?

{Latest 100++} Best Funny Questions to Ask Siri

Well, since a 'woodchuck' is really a groundhog, the correct question would be: Are you a man or a woman? Sing a song for me, Siri. I wonder what it would be like to come back as a waffle maker is one. What are you reading these days?

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Why not trade in your black midi garment for a denim skirt? What's your favourite colour? Where did I put my keys? You can probably guess the advice Siri will give when you ask the following questions, but ask away, anyway! Siri do you love me?

What's the best Operating System and Siri responds: This question will generate some surprising answers. Siri might even be an accomplice to your crime!