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Any assignment attempted to be made in violation of these Terms shall be null and void. This technical information is collected directly and automatically by these third parties.

Additional Terms

These written responses are accessible by any Teacher that the Student is currently affiliated with on Code. You understand that whether or not such User Content is published, Code. Each of the subsections below only applies up to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law.

Student projects and code creations each have a custom URL that Students can use to share with others, or post to the Code.

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Students and Teachers may update, correct, or delete Personal Information in their Code. For example, thanks to functional cookies the Website may remember dziewicza ameryka online dating language setting English, Spanish, etc.

In addition, notwithstanding any of the foregoing, use of Content or Services will NOT be permitted if such use constitutes an endorsement of a 3rd party brand, service or product or if access to such redistributed Content or Services is not provided free of charge.

To track information about use of our Sites, we use various technological tools. Any survey data shared with external parties will be de-identified and aggregated. Personal data will be used and stored by these third parties solely in context as an implementation services provider to Code.

If you are a Educator, you agree not to share student information you receive from Code. Your privacy is important to us.

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Within some of our courses, Students in a classroom are prompted to answer a question. By submitting or distributing User Content through the Services or directly to Code.

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A session cookie disappears automatically after you close your browser. By uploading, submitting, creating, or publishing your User Content to or through the Services, you represent, and warrant that: By accessing the Code. You may read the template we used for contractual language governing student-data in our district agreements at https: Privacy Your privacy is important to us.

We do not sell your Personal Information or exploit it for financial gain; we do not sell ads.

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We may make changes to the features, functionality or content of the Services at any time. Teachers may not use the forum to promote external paid resources.

The information is used to enable your participation in the relevant feature and to send you occasional emails with information about Code.

If there is any conflict between these Terms and the Additional Terms, the Additional Terms will control for that Service, unless the Additional Terms expressly state that these Terms will control.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.

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For Students under age 13 we do not ask individual race, but we ask the Teacher to optionally estimate the racial distribution of the entire classroom.

When using third party authentication systems, Code. When student Personal Information is provided to Code. Our student-facing curriculum does not embed any YouTube videos that are not part of our curriculum.

Typically this content includes only the code app or animation or game or other that you wrote, posted alongside any other remarks you may choose to add to it.

Teachers can create accounts on behalf of Students. It also lets Students pick up where they left off if they sign out and sign in later. If you are a teacher, parent or legal guardian of a Student on Code. Data about Student performance will remain de-identified. By visiting or using our Website, you expressly consent to the information handling practices described in this Privacy Policy.

You can, however, remove a persistent cookie at any time.

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They will not see names or contact information of any Teacher unless that Teacher chooses to share it as part of signing up for a local professional learning workshop or joining their professional learning program. These Terms are a legal contract between you and Code.

This data helps Code. If you are a teacher, please contact support code. This includes making public posts as a teacher on our forum, offering to be a volunteer if you are over the age of 18, or choosing to put information about your school or organization on a public map.

Students who receive an offer and choose to participate will be asked to provide their contact information email address and optionally other forms of contact that may be more convenient for the Student.

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No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained from the Code. This includes things like the name, display name, email address, school name and address, telephone number, etc.

February 22, Code.

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Students are informed that answers to these attitudinal questions are shared with the Teacher anonymously without their name attached. How this data is used Email address Email address is required on account creation or when switching from a Student account to a Teacher account.

We will respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with applicable law and are properly provided to us.

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Email address is not required if account is created by teacher, though can be optionally added by the Student later. Parent or guardian email address Can be optionally provided by parent to create a login for their child at home.

By continuing to access or use the Services after those revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms. You may provide links to the code. Upon request, we may expressly authorize you to redistribute certain Content for personal, noncommercial use. A User can email support code.

Your License to Use Code.

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All non-transactional emails sent by Code. Districts or schools may revoke Code. Public reporting on Student use and performance We may publish de-identified information about Student performance on our tutorials and Websites, however, we will never publicly disclose your Personal Information in these reports.

If we learn that we have inadvertently collected this information from a Student under 18, we will delete such information immediately. To make such a request, please contact us at https: Information from Other Sources In certain situations, we may obtain information, including Personal Information, from third parties or sources other than the Website.

Links The Services may contain links to third-party websites or resources. Besides the de-identification of this student academic data, our historic contracts with school districts in also specify very strict limits on who may access this data.

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Privacy Policy We are committed to creating a safe and secure environment for learners of all ages on our websites located at https: The data provided by Teachers in these surveys is saved and used for analysis by Code. Progress, answers, documents, projects, and peer reviews for online professional learning.

You are agreeing to be bound by such changes if you continue to use to the Services after these Terms change, so please check these Terms for changes periodically. Any information, including Personal Information or Persistent Identifiers provided while using these staging or testing versions of our services is not governed by this Privacy Policy.