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Flirteando en la escuela caben, pepito en la escuela

The headteacher breaks out in a cold sweat My sister is in the third and I'm more intelligent than her. You should check it out to see if it helps you.

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I myself just got all those answers wrong! Without the slash, that word means these plural feminine form. The composer is the Peruvian musician Manuel Jimenez Fernandez.

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Agreeing, they ask Pepito to come in and propose the test to him, which he accepts. The question asks, "Where are you? Be careful with accent marks.

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What is wrong form of the word the school. I want to be in the third as well!

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Seeing the obvious intelligence of the young boy, the headteacher says to the teacher: Donde esta la escuela? What does donde estas mean in spanish? This means "Where is the nose? Donde esta la boton overdrive del Ford Mondeo?

Lately the song has been popularized again by Pink Martini, which leads some people to believe that they are the authors.

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Al director se le cruzan los ojos. But you will always start the sentence with "Estoy It is very important to note the accents in written Spanish.

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El director y Pepito asienten. Esta localizado en el centro de los Estados Unidos. Ante la evidente inteligencia del menor, el Director dice a la profesora: The tune was made popular by famous Cuban singer Orlando Contreras, who died in in Colombia.

He promises to give Pepito a test that he surely won't be able to answer all the questions to and so will agree to stay in the first grade. Talking about the place that you are actually at.

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By the way I get a lot of good Spanish help from the Examville link below. The headteacher gets ready to interrupt The headteacher flinches in shock. It's Spanish for "Where are you now"?

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Todos podemos meter preguntas y todos podemos meter respuestas. Is Spanish for "Where are you? Que esta la escuela? It is just north of Kansas.

The headteacher closes his eyes.

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Donde esta el casa? The teacher sees that she can't resolve this problem and sends him to the head. While Pepito waits in the waiting room, the teacher explains the problem to the headteacher.

Donde estas means Where these. El Director no lo puede creer, casi pierde la cabeza Astonished, the headteacher holds his breath What does donde estas ahora mean? It is a state in the very center of the United States.

The headteacher can't believe it, he's losing his mind There is a couple of small mistakes in the sentence. El director se prepara para interrumpir Donde esta la nariz? The headteacher and Pepito agree.

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Pero la proxima persona que vea tu pregunta podria estar en cualquier pais del mondo, donde tiene una computadora. El director hace una mueca de asombro. However, remember to have a slash above the "a" in "estas".

En donde esta Rocio Sandoval la peligrosa? Esta al norte del estado de Kansas.