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And jumps in the pool with you. He looks hurt and upset. He notices you and he leans over and kisses you, you kiss back. Awww, I wish tht it was Alex awww!


Me- I know right! Cole- Laughs and you notice he still has his arms around you You- Cole, you still have your arms around me. You spin around and your facing him. And your staring at them.

You walk out of kevin's room in a daze. Oh, god He's gonna wet me! I can teach you how to swim, if you want?

That kiss was hot Me- Ik Rite! Me- I know, so weird! So far you've kissed Cole and Flirt keven. You've had an awesome mourning with Cole.

You run after Kevin and he is in his room. Me- He's still Sleeping Jack could teach me.


Cole- Laughs and wraps his arms around your waist I won't let go, i promise. Than you see Kevin. I hope jack isn't hurt! Can't Jack just wake up and kiss me?

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So cole is teaching you How to swim and your having a blast! You don't knowif you want to or not. Geez Cole- oh, Your going to get it!

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Keep to your self please! And he looks at you with So much hurt in his eyes that it is killing you. I wish tht is was Jack!

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Arn't you gonna get me back? My date will eat you Me- Go away demon! Your inches away from his lips. Your freaking out because they are both amazing and you can't Deside who you like more! And you met them last night!

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You see Cole There Laying down listening to music. So you tell your guys friend to go calm her down. His kiss consumes you, wereas Cole, was soft and sweet, his is firey and passonite.

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You don't knoww what to say to make him feel better. Your worried about him wetting you. Me- You hurt kevin! I got you wet! From having fun in the pool to now the kiss your sharing. So you go over a throw water on him. Who is the one, Ladies?

You guys are Dancing and having an awesome time when someone burst in with a gun and Says he's robbing the place!

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He helps you out of the pool and you run after Kevin. I thought tht it was Kevin!! I liked our moment! You wrap your arms around his neck I-I can't swim!

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He still has his arms wrapped around your waist and your loving it! Me- well, he is asleep. Where you Fall asleep Night But- but. He comes over to you and stands in front of you and Says " I am twice the man Cole is" You look in his eyes and he kisses you.

Than you see You best friend. He chases you around and finally catches you.

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He storms out and you and cole stop immeditlly. You follow him in and you tell him your sorry.