35+ Flash Game Development Tutorials & FLA Files 35+ Flash Game Development Tutorials & FLA Files

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Snake Game Tutorial Learn how to make a snake character that continues moving, eats and grows longer, and check for collisions between the snake's head and its body parts, as well as the wall. It used to be known as Macromedia Flash, or Shockwave Flash.

Oh, and these tutorials are free, too. The thor daddy issues dating ranks the difficulty using a star system, one star is easy, two stars is a little more challenging, etc.

Tic Tac Toe Tutorial These set of Flash game tutorials here are created slightly different from the earlier ones. They break their Flash training down into 5 steps: The course has been reviewed by people at the time of this article with an average of 4.

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We do our best to give you the intel you need to make a solid decision. All playing and stopping of sounds are controlled via Actionscript.

Flash Game Tutorial

The player scores if both are a match. UDemy is flash dating game tutorial solid place to start your Flash learning journey. Flash naturally moved to accommodate flash dating game tutorial games and applications as mobile gaming grew.

There are also a number of tutorials that teach you how to make specific games.

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Despite YouTube moving from Flash and some Apple products never supporting it, Flash is still very relevant today. Introducing interactivity to your awesome graphics and animations is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from building games with Flash.

It has almost lectures to go throughto be exactwhich ends up being about Memory Game Tutorial Learn how to make a classic memory game where you flip open two cards from a randomized set of cards. If you need a short break from learning Flash and working through a tutorial, you can click one of the links for the finished Flash games that are mixed in with the tutorials.

A complex set of algorithms is used here to check for the physical interaction between the ball and the bricks, and to determine which direction the ball will fly towards after every collision.


Their introductory course includes dozens of lectures that are all under 10 minutes long, focusing on one particular skill at a time, with a video presentation to communicate the idea to you. Luckily they have a couple tutorials on making games with Flash, so they actually earn a spot on our list.

A few of the guides will teach you how to make games from scratch. Screenshots of the code elements and the software windows help make it easier to understand and follow along. At the very least, you can browse the Flash relic in awe of its ancient glory.

The use of a dynamic object naming convention is also presented here, and you can see how easy it can be used to control the playing of sounds. This course deals with using the software for web interface design, interactive animation projects, and even using the program to stream high-quality video.

Complete Flash game tutorials in ActionScript 3

You know that game where you launch hornery avians at swine? The Simon game is the perfect example to show how sound effects can be played. Kongregate Labs Kongregate Labs offers a free tutorial for building your first game in Flash.

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Adobe Speaking of Adobe-authorized… Adobe itself actually has a moderate database of training materials and video tutorials for you to look through.

Video Game Design Tutorials: Hard to beat that! Simon Game Tutorial So far, the games have not covered any use of sounds and music.

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To make the Breakout game more interesting, some extra code goes into allowing more precise control of the direction of ball travel after it hits the paddle. The course allegedly takes about 5 hours.

This lets you learn some Flash elements while putting your very own touches on the game. Upon completion you will receive a verifiable certificate, stating that you did, in fact, complete this Adobe Flash course.

28 Exciting Flash Game Tutorials With FLA Files

Flash Frogger You learn to make the Frogger game here. This particular course has had nearly 78, students enrolled since its release several years ago. That is intended so that we do not get distracted by unnecessary codes to control sounds. WASD keyboard control is used to move the frog around, and clever use of collision detection creates the game mechanics of colliding with the cars, stepping on the water logs, as well as reaching your lotus leaves safely.

The flash game tutorial shows you how to randomise the position of the snake food whenever the snake eats the current one. Newgrounds Newgrounds is the OG hub of Flash games.

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There are eight different tutorial sections, each one teaching you how to adjust a different element of the game. How To Make Breakout Game Learn how to make a Breakout game where you manoeuvre a paddle to use the ball to clear the entire rows of bricks.

This tutorial shows you how to make a turn based game using the popular Tic Tac Toe example. Share Tweet Flash has been around helping developers make addictive browser games for quite some time. Turn-based gameplay is also shown here as you structure the Computer phase where the sounds are played for the player to remember, and the Player phase where the player is expected to replay the sequence.

It also shows you some pretty clips of what Flash is capable of when you take the time to really learn it.

Interesting tutorials

There are a bunch of tutorials to pick from. This is a great option if you want to launch right into game development rather than learning the more general elements of what Flash has to offer.

Certain lessons have sample files you can download, which let you look at a working file of the completed project from the tutorial. Each game also has the common Menu, Gameplay and Results screen. Check out the reviews yourself and see if past students have gotten out of this course what you hope to get out of it.

Meanwhile, Apple devices, like the iPad, have never supported Flash. It may be more depending on how much time you want to spend practicing.

A carefully thought out algorithm is presented here to check for card matches, and controlling the flipping over of the cards. Before that, an algorithm is also shown whereby you can create the illusion of a random shuffle of the cards.

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There are some decent options for beginners. Some of the lessons are in video format, others are text-based tutorials.

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All of the tutorials on Newgrounds are free.