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A Tale of Two Friends

I'd do commercials for the rest of my life. Overall, has it been relatively smooth? I met my wife Farris at We know how hard it is starting out and to keep things going. If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?

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If not, what were some of the struggles along the way? I had so much to learn about natural light headshots, too overblown, get light in the eyes, telling the actor how to pose, hair, makeup, capturing the character of the person, setting their pictures apart so they would stand out to casting directors.

Are you thinking about getting into acting?

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Finding the right locations to shoot at. I would practice on friends. We have been married 15 years now and are business partners.

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More YouTube videos and sleepless nights of research. My newest passion is real estate photography and I have had the chance to photograph some amazing homes. Farris Patton didn't want to be a movie star. There's all these home videos of me doing, like, a Dr Pepper farris patton dating.

Some people don't take it seriously. Jimmy was shy, like to surf, skateboard, draw in my room.

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She's filmed spots for Comcast and Sierra Mist, and recently she appeared in a public service announcement with actor-comedian Ken Jeong. Patton recently started tweeting tips of the week for other commercial actors FarrisPatton.

We needed a break from the traffic! The accent is part of the character. I was a military brat as they say.

Net Worth Post

But hey, watching videos is free and a great way to learn. At 23, she moved to Los Angeles with about 30 infomercials under her belt.

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The company wanted to find someone very similar to Branch for the part. Young children and teenagers often spot her as the Orbit Girl, and she hands out packs of gum to anyone who recognizes her—although people are often disappointed to learn she's not actually British.

My wife Farris, working on the other side of things wanted to make sure that every actor felt like this was the shot that would get them that part or that top agent to sign them. Do what you love! We post a few vlogs a week. To watch Patton clean up more dirty mouths, visit Orbit's YouTube channel.

We thank the Lord Jesus for seeing us through the ups and the downs.

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In the last few months we have moved back to Vegas and travel to LA for work. We are hoping to keep growing our YouTube channels as well as my real estate photography business.

I am completely self-taught. My career has evolved now. I took a photography class in high school.

Whipped Hair. Model - Farris Patton

To prepare for her audition, Patton watched YouTube videos of Branch's work and went to the callback dressed in the character's standard white suit and scarf, copying the look right down to the way she parted her hair.

She was tired of paying tons of money for new headshots, so I decided to get the needed equipment and take them myself. With our studio lighting, it was a whole new learning curve.

In AprilPatton replaced Vanessa Branch, who originated the role, as the Orbit Girl, a charming British woman who cleans up dirty mouths with Orbit gum. Farris loved to act, dance and put on shows for friends and family. We settled in Las Vegas when he retired.

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So we work hard to accomplish this. She wanted to be in commercials. My dad a Navy Seal.