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Lucy in the ordinary day having got into trouble with the bad guys, is in a difficult situation, and comes to help her carefree and sweeping away everything in its path, Natsu and his flying and talking cat Happy with which Lucy had met before, and, taking the ordinary travelers, satisfying He regaled dinner.

As Arcadios explains that they're the reason Abyss Palace is inescapable, the Knights initiate their attack. Together they will overcome a lot of enemies and experience many exciting adventures! Fairy tail chapter 307 online dating prescribed a world where everyone lives their lives.

Chapter 307

The members of Sabertooth express shock at Rufus' defeat, with Rogue acknowledging them as strong but stating that he wants to defeat Gajeel.

Natsu questions who they are as nearby, a plant starts growing, from which a person emerges as two more figures enter the fray. Characters in Order of Appearance. In Abyss Palace, the Exceed attempt to find an exit with no luck, with Panther Lily stating he should've drawn a map.

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Minerva wonders to herself whether Sabertooth is going to lose or if Sting can do something about it. Fleeing from angry townspeople great destruction, Natsu Lucy offers to join the guild, "Fairy Tail" and go along with it.

This guild has become famous in its ranks there are many talented and very powerful wizards, who suffers from a sense of specific measures and discipline, since any intervention in their peaceful life reserves mass destruction.

But Natsu is a famous magician of fire "Fairy Tail" and easily deals with the bad guys, in the tradition understood and part of the city to boot. This is a funny fairy tale, it is a fairy tale about the value of friendship, teach us to appreciate loved ones, giving to understand that only people with the strength to do great things.

Fairy tail Manga Kingdom of Fiore - is a world where magic is commonplace.

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Everything is so realistic, yet so fantastic that it seems as if you live together with the main characters. With Rufus out of the game, Sabertooth considers the next course of action, with Sting resolving to win as he remembers Minerva 's statement that Lector is still alive and will be brought back if he wins the tournament.

With his resolve, Sting states his intentions to win at all costs. Elsewhere, Sting sits alone thinking about Lector.

Fairy Tail 307 : Garou Knights

Remembering the day he defeated JiemmaSting recalls how Minerva told him that he was suitable to become the guild master now that he had unlocked the power of feelings, which Natsu possessed and used to defeat him.

Meanwhile, Mirajane expresses her opinion on how Yukino looks like Lisannaa resemblance Lucy notices just as Carla comes by and reveals her discovery of a passage nearby which can be used.

And if you stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are dear to us, all the troubles and woes will be surpassed. Lucy and Panther Lily discover a trail of acid on the ground as another figure approaches as well, raising a flag from the ground and knocking the Mages into the air.

Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail Mages discover Arcadios inside Abyss Palace and are attacked by the Garou Knightswho initiate their plan to execute them for trespassing. Contents Summary Minerva pondering the outcome With Gray having defeated RufusFairy Tail revels in his victory, which leaves them as the only team with all five of their members still in the game.

In this realm there are many wizards that come together in a variety of guilds to share with other wizards perform heavy jobs, get paid for it and raise a celebrity himself and the guild.

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Arcadios recognizes the people as members of an independent unit supporting the kingdom, the Garou Knights. Main character in Fairy Tail Manga Young and charming Lucy - Enchantress Star Spirits - dreams of becoming a member of the famous Fairy Tail guild, considering it the most remarkable in the light of the guild.

Here you can laugh, cry, think. The Mages squeeze through the narrow exit one by one.

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Wendy exits first and notices a battered figure in the distance, Arcadios. Stating that Lector was alive in another dimension thanks to her, Minerva promised Sting she'd bring him back but only if he won the Grand Magic Games and Sabertooth was show to be the strongest in front of everyone.

The Garou Knights As the Mages rush to his side and ask the knight what happened to him, he weakly tells them to get out of the way as a large shadow approaches them from behind and attacks, with the Mages narrowly dodging. As Lucy asks Natsu about the tournament, he states that Juvia went in his place with Happy teasing him about it.