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Exsudating, characteristics:

This is a cleft like opening of the feather shaft which can be found near the vane of feathers. Yet, due to limited existing material, it is hardly possible to draw final conclusions concerning the spreading of the mites.

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Other criteria influencing the choice of feathers exsudating in his opinion: Exsudating the middle of motion, these specimen suddenly rest when approaching a "cliff", such as straddled barbs of feathers.

Mironov from Russia since Also Dabert and Ehrnsberger point out the meaning exsudating Umbilicus superior for other feather mite hjertebanken dating services. Larvae of Ascouracarus kosarovi, for example in most cases actively enter through the wall of the feather shaft Mironov, personal notification.

Quite often, mites have settled within them. Also in the shaft, mites moult to become adult individuals.

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Between the papilla exsudating the feather and the female mite, one can find homogeneous, slightly structured masses, which in our opinion are encrusted lymphoid liquid. Dubininia melopsittaci, a mite species parasiting on psittacine birds, in our opinion belongs to quite agile representatives of mites.

According to Lapage mites of the genus Megninia feed from horn substance and excretions of skin. Or use it to find and download high-quality how-to PowerPoint ppt presentations with illustrated or animated slides that will teach you how to do something new, also for free.

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According to Kethleyquill mites own long, needle like chelicerae and feed from the tissue of exsudating wing once they have drilled through the calamus. Infestation with feather mites Falculifer pigeon Dubinin dealt with the rules of distribution of mites in the feather coat.

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Concerning the location in common swifts and night heron, details can be found in the chapter Detection of feather mites. Quill mites seem to have a high host specifity Kethley, In one adult sparrow Passer domesticus we detected seven infested flight feathers of hand on one wing 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th flight feather and 4 infested flight feathers of arm 2nd,3rd,6th,7th.

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Possibly, the life cycle of Ascouracaridae more or less differs form the life cycle of Cystoidosoma psittacivora, which had been described in this place.

Yet, we have found a vast number of mites on moulted feathers, so we cannot confirm this statement concerning other bird species.

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When counting severely affected feathers, we came to the following conclusion concerning one flight feather of each species: Exudate retained in the dressing due to superabsorbents. The viability of mites is not negatively impacted through this process.

They are describing the life cycle of Cystoidosoma psittacivora, appearing on Black headed caiques Pionites melanocephalus as follows: In most cases, there is only one hole to be found per shaft, sometimes though, more than one.

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Dabert from Poland, Dr. In addition, the holes can also serve other mite species as entrance possibilities, normally living on the feather surface. Normally, the hole for a certain mite species can be found on the same spot, mostly at the beginning of the vane of feather, on the dorsolateral side of the shaft; yet, there can be irregularities.

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Other possible ways of infestation are close contact, such as when looking up the same sleeping caves, during mating, as well as the common use of sand bathing locations. In the beginning, mites only feed from the "Soul of the feather" in the calamus, which is eaten up completely. According to Sechnowthe infestation of Jackdaws reaches its top level during summer.

The most frequently named species is Syringophilus bipectinatus.


According to Kethleyshaft mites prefer different types of feathers, depending on several characteristics of the feather, such as volume of the shaft, thickness of the shaft wall or frequency of moulting.

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And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. In veterinary-parasitological or ornithological standard literature one can only find evidence that quill mites mainly live in the calamus of flight feathers of wing and feathers of tail in fowl, turkey, pigeon and wild birds.

One can assume that radii or at least parts of them serve the mites as nutrients.

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We have observed that young birds after preliminary contacts are showing a high extend of infestation in the following time.