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Most of these artists worked, lived, or exhibited in New York City. These works word meaning flirtatious text combined calligraphy and abstract shapes.

Abstract Expressionism

However, by it had been restored and was installed in Albany Mall. The post-war period left the capitals of Europe in upheaval, with an urgency to economically and physically rebuild and to politically regroup. Although it is the accepted designationAbstract Expressionism is not an accurate description of the body of work created by these artists.

Abstract expressionism emerged as a major art movement in New York City during the s and thereafter several leading art galleries began to include the abstract expressionists in exhibitions and as regulars in their rosters.

An example is his letter on April 9,"Letter to Sidney Janis: Abstract expressionism and the Cold War[ edit ] Since the mids it has been argued by revisionist historians that the style attracted the attention, in the early s, of the CIAwho saw it as representative of the USA as a haven of free thought and free markets, as well as a challenge to both the socialist realist styles prevalent in communist nations and the dominance of the European art markets.

De Kooning used extremely vigorous and expressive brushstrokes to build up richly coloured and textured images.

Abstract Expressionism

His first solo show was in Motherwell is mentioned with a question mark. During he produced a series of semi-figurative black stain paintings, and in he produced stain paintings using color.

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California Abstract Expressionist Jay Meuserwho typically painted in the non-objective style, wrote about his painting Mare Nostrum, "It is far better to capture the glorious spirit of the sea than to paint all of its tiny ripples.

During the early-to-mid-sixties younger art critics Michael FriedRosalind Kraussand Robert Hughes added considerable insights into the critical dialectic that continues to grow around abstract expressionism.

Brooks began diluting his oil paint in order to have fluid colors with which to pour and drip and stain into the mostly raw canvas that he used.

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The new art movements of the s essentially followed the lead of abstract expressionism and in particular the innovations of Pollock, De Kooning, Rothko, Hofmann, Reinhardt, and Newman.

Abstract Expressionism, broad movement in American painting that began in the late s and became a dominant trend in Western painting during the s.

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Notably Robert Motherwell's series Elegy to the Spanish Republic addressed some of those political issues. Arshile Gorkywho painted suggestive biomorphic shapes using a free, delicately linear, and liquid paint application; and Hans Hofmannwho used dynamic and strongly textured brushwork in abstract but conventionally composed works.

This led to the American art boom that brought about styles such as Pop Art. One, Action paintingis characterized by a loose, rapid, dynamic, or forceful handling of paint in sweeping or slashing brushstrokes and in techniques partially dictated by chance, such as dripping or spilling the paint directly onto the canvas.

This spontaneous activity was the "action" of the painter, through arm and wrist movement, painterly gestures, brushstrokes, thrown paint, splashed, stained, scumbled and dripped. Or if the art was political, the message was largely for the insiders.

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In pursuing this direction of modern artartists wanted to present each painting as one unified, cohesive, monolithic image. The other Abstract expressionists followed Pollock's breakthrough with new breakthroughs of their own.

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Hofmann was a young artist working in Paris who painted there before World War I. My struggle against bourgeois society has involved the total rejection of it.

Knox Abstract Expressionism had a great impact on both the American and European art scenes during the s.

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Technically, an important predecessor is surrealismwith its emphasis on spontaneous, automaticor subconscious creation.

He had an extraordinary gift for hitting the nail on the head; remarkable.

Abstract expressionism

Woman V is one of a series of six paintings made by de Kooning between and that depict a three-quarter-length female figure. De Kooning's response was to begin three other paintings on the same theme; Woman II, collection: Her most famous painting from that period is Mountains and Sea.

As long-time art critic for the Partisan Review and The Nationhe became an early and literate proponent of abstract expressionism.

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His move away from easel painting and conventionality was a liberating signal to the artists of his era and to all that came after. This also helped to make New York into a cultural and artistic hub. His paintings straddled both camps within the abstract expressionist rubric, Action painting and Color Field painting.

Another critical view advanced by Clement Greenberg connects Pollock's allover canvasses to the large-scale Water Lilies of Claude Monet done during the s.

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