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Shinji then prepares to leave on a train the day after that. This puts the events of the first two episodes as no later than August, The timeline for the series can be measured fairly accurately through the first four evangelien synopse online dating, but after this point we are left with mostly best-guess estimations.

Shinji is also a childhood friend to Asuka Langley Sohryu. Shinji and Asuka are forced to deal with strains in their relationship on their own, especially since Kaworu is apparently no longer around to defuse their arguments.

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This was because he was staying with his little sister at the hospital. Development of the Magi supercomputer system by Naoko Akagi is underway. February Construction of the Evangelions begins. Although its not clear entirely how much time passes during the series, Shinji later spends 30 days absorbed inside of Eva in Episode Shinji Ikari is sent away to live with his teacher.

September 11th, -- the Angel Israfel is destroyed by Eva and Eva, after an intense week of training by Asuka and Shinji, in Episode Soon after this, Seele is concerned about an Angel makings its way into the heart of Nerv HQ, and holds a council summarizing the Angel attacks so far.

Although she can be demanding, in truth she doesn't want to burden anyone or feel useless, especially to her parents or Shinji, similar to the original character's feeling of inferiority in the anime series.

At the end of the fourth volume, the main characters, as Evangelion pilots, are broken up and posted to different spots around the world, although they plan to and, with one exception, do meet up after the Campo de almas online dating threat is over and they grow too old to work as pilots anymore.

Yui's Death Near the beginning of Evangelion 2. From the calendar that Misato marks off for how many days they have until the Angel will have healed itself, we can see that Israfel is destroyed on Friday the 11th, and in the second Friday will fall on the 11th only in either September or December.

Her high school life and relationship with Gendo is chronicled in Volume 5.

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Meanwhile, Eva Unit 02 and Asuka are said to already be "on their way" from Germany, so it takes place fairly soon before Episode 8. Also, Kaworu has what is termed an unusual "fondness" for Shinji, and sometimes appears to be part of the "love triangle" around him.

A giant " Anti A. Moreover, several more mundane sub-plot tropes common to Japanese manga occur at the same time at the invasions, such as: The Magi supercomputer system in Tokyo-3 is completed.

Misato Katsuragi and Ritsuko Akagi first meet at univeristy, in Tokyo The night of the Magi's completion, Naoko Akagi strangles Rei I to death when Rei reveals to her that Gendo does not truly love her and is only using her.

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Characters The characters of Angelic Days are alternate versions of characters in the anime series. Of some of the details when a date is shown, we see that they're relatively close.

Asuka completely breaks down and is incapable of achieving a high enough synchronization ratio to even start Eva Misato breaks up with Kaji, because he reminds her of her father.

The events of The End of Evangelion occur. At the end of Episode 03, Kensuke and Toji are in school and say Shinji has not come to class in three days.

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Eva and Eva are defeated by Eva Kensuke has an unrequited crush on Asuka, but is afraid to act because of Shinji's possible feelings. Eva is infected by the Angel Bardiel while being air-transported to Japan. In Episode 02, Gendo says that Rei should be out of the hospital in 20 days, at which time they will take Eva out of cryostasis this does not confirm if Rei does indeed leave the hospital precisely 20 days after Episode Thus, it does not take place very long after Episode 6.

He reciprocates Hikari's crush once she makes her feelings known to him. During Eva's first activation test with Eva at MatsushiroEva goes berserk as the Angel infection takes over, destrying the base. His appearances in both Shinji and Gendo's story arcs strongly hints at a deep connection with the Angels.

Shinji is made to pilot Evangelion Unit in its first battle to stop Sachiel.

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Eva's Dummy Plug system is activated when Shinji refuses to fight, resulting in the destruction of Eva Gendo Ikari's work schedule and cold personality alienate Shinji, who in turn resents his father's attitude towards his mother, Yui. In particular, Kaworu and Shinji often perform music together Shinji on cello, with Kaworu on violin.

At some unspecified time after this, Gendo fuses Adam with his right hand, keeping it concealed beneath his glove. He is very much like his original persona, however he is more sociable and friendly than before.

By this time Ritsuko has begun bleaching her hair blonde. Misato says that she just moved into her apartment the other day, and it is indeed filled with unpacked boxes. The same notice is also on the bulletin board throughout 2.

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In this incarnation, he has a crush on Asuka and is usually trying to gain some acknowledgement from her.

The sixth and final volume returns to the main story arc after the Angels' defeat, specifically the actions and fates of the characters as they grow up. Shinji Ikari is brought to Tokyo-3 by Misato Katsuragi.

Shinji Ikari Shinji Ikari is the male protagonist of the series.