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Elin nordegren dating again, elin nordegren & gavin rossdale are dating, were set up by friends: random?

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She was a stay at home mom that was never flaunting her lifestyle. I have a lot of respect for her because she went to college, graduated head of her classand never trashed Tiger when it came out that he was a serial cheater who was hooking up with munseetown online dating women in every city he visited.

From what we know Elin last dated her billionaire neighbora coal executive in his 50s named Chris Cline. It is the same thing as with Schwarzenegger and his affair, that got too much publicity.


I'm not besmirching tiger's need for some side tail but he was being really DUMB about it and paid accordingly. That must have taken incredible fortitude and class. Some factions of RvF expect a wife to look the other way to cheating as well.

Difficult to find in the super-wealthy Alpha-Male land never mind if Tiger is Alpha or not.

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Apparently they hit it off, too. A 55 year old dating a 34 year old pretty thing coming from a good family is not so bad.

She also worked hard to ensure that he continued to have a relationship with his kids and that she kept communicating with him. So is her picker broken or is she making a halfway decent choice here?


Tiger could have been a lot smarter at it, but who cares? The stuff was just too public for her to ignore. They split in August Set up by mutual friends, the Florida-based mom of Sam, 9, and Charlie, 7, and the dad of Kingston, 10, Zuma, 8, and Apollo, 2 are planning round two.

And Arnold is even spending "quality" time with his ex-wife.

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Elin and Chris were on and off again for a while, but they must be over now because she went on a first date with Gavin Rossdale. Only the media hyenas and the hypocrites are a pain in the ass.

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Both the British singer, 50, and the Swedish former model, 36, have endured public cheating scandals in the past, though from different sides. There are photos though!

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Elin Nordegren single again He could afford a divorce, his ex is civil, he still sees his kids. Yeah look at the consequences when Tiger Wood cheated on her: She has no social media profile.

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Not exactly the same as a nanny, while also attending college. Likely she left him, because he was having some honey on the side as most billionaires do. During the divorce she kept it all on the down low and didn't parade her kids to the media or produced sob stories.

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She likely looked the other way for quite some time. She is a quality woman who wants a high-level man who does not cheat on her too much. While pregnant with their youngest son, Stefani discovered explicit texts between Rossdale and Mann on their shared iPad.

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Even if we were to accept this, it's not realistic to think that Tiger's indiscreet and rampant dicking of low class tramps could go by without wider attention. You could never catch her hanging out at clubs or galas. I'm not in the habit of defending women but to me Elin was the wife that RvF are asking women to be.