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Now, no one gets a happy birthday message from me. Yet the most common reason I ghost is the least-exciting. Maybe hit him with a ghost emoji when he tries to send a peach with a heart 5 months later.

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Few things feel as sharply directed at you as feeling forgotten. I want to make this clear: Finally, sometimes I start dating multiple people and I just lose interest in a couple of them.

But every July the anxiety creeps in, the fear that some really nice asshole will start the cycle all over again… For at least 2 months out the year, I become a ghost.

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Sink or swim, sweetie. I am really disappointed in myself. Were we close friends? What I find most strange is the double standard for ghosting vs flakiness.

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My aim is not to excuse the behavior of the ghosters, but to understand and avoid it. I never sit up devising the most quietly brutal way to leave a path of heartbroken conquests in my wake.

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Why do I do this? I am guilty of that, for sure.

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I come home and just crash when I should have been getting ready for a date. Do you have a knife, heartless advice-giver? But anger is not prevention. Few people consider polyamory an exercise in time-management and those who do often take that fact as a challenge instead of a warning.

But being really fucking busy is a reality. The assumption of passive intent.

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Oh, and one last thing: In two days it will be my own birthday. We know how it feels: Yes, we assume the jerkoff behavior was passive, but intentional.

Being an occasional introvert who falls off the face of the Earth for periods of time in flakiness of epic proportions is something of a Millennial meme. I forget people when I genuinely just forget. Google Calendar and strict self-management have made big differences for me since New Years, but putting this into words and posting those words publicly is the best kick in the ass I can imagine.

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Most hypocritical of all, I ghost on dates. As in, they intended to end this quasi-relationship in the most passive aggressive way possible: In the last few years of living in New York City, it could easily be said that I have ghosted tons of people in big and small ways alike: If we can allow mutual forgiveness in certain social situations, we can hopefully use that openness around the topic to work towards breaking these cycles for good.

The critical truth is this: You two have been involved for a minute now.

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I have a lot of options here.