SummitLive: The premier B2B marketing event for live content! SummitLive: The premier B2B marketing event for live content!

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There's also a list of personally recommended nearby eateries and other shops. Dan July This was a wonderful apartment for a weekend in Summit. Alasdair heads up design and product development at Triptease.

Master the tech behind producing a professional live direct dating summit nyc bar Workshop From phones to high-end encoders with cinematic cameras, this workshop provides a foundation and goes behind the scenes to compare the various technologies big brands use to produce their live video.

David X's inner-game stuff is also great, just pairing everything down to simply focusing on yourself and your own desires helps you have much more authentic, congruent and confident interactions.

Shashank December Susan's place was actually better than the pictures. Susan was incredibly accommodating. Its GameChanger and ScoreBoard apps deliver key insights into pricing and consumer demand for hotels and casinos.

I think especially Marcus' material is really good for life star trek relics online dating general, and Yad is famous for his daygame so any stuff from him is worth listening to.

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I didn't get slapped, or a drink thrown in my face, or anything like that - the worst thing would be if they moved my hand away or turned their cheek to "reject" a kiss, but they generally would behave sexually and become attracted direct dating summit nyc bar quickly!

Oliver Geldner Revenue and Distribution Expert, Taktikon Consultancy Oliver has 30 years of experience in hospitality management, marketing and distribution. Colon is author of the book Disruptive Marketing: Check in was simple and Susan's communications were… Read more Pete November What can I say about the perfect location and host?

Girls really responded amazingly to all of it! Rob has a deep understanding of how technology can be designed to transform and improve services, enhance customer experiences, open new opportunities and deliver returns.

Finally Sasha is always really funny and is great, however I actually know most of his material from his videos and from his bootcamp so there wasn't a lot of new stuff in there, but all the main direct speakers did reinforce each other about the basic mindset. Alejandro Gomez Losada, Sr.

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Rob was recently appointed CEO of Best Western UK and is now working on an investment program to differentiate their platform and innovate in the technology space with a goal to making Best Western UK the most rounded and innovative platform available on the market.

If not, you know right away and can move on without having wasted 30 minutes "building comfort" only for her to tell you she has a boyfriend or something. Susan's home is immaculately maintained, has all the comforts of home.

June November This apartment is well located and sparkling clean. I used to always think about what the right thing to say was, or worry if the girl was OK, or if I might be being too creepy or too sexual and if she might be uncomfortable. I think the tech part of the hotel industry is an incredibly fun space to work in.

Data punk, DJ, podcaster, streampunk and author, Geoffrey is a senior marketing communications designer at Microsoft, where he markets search advertising products for Bing.

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From Content Creation to Data Reintegration Victor Haseman, Marissa Kraines SalesforceKaila Bongiovanni Microsoftand Rebecca Stone LiveRamp Hear from the masters of live video marketing how drive demand, from strategy, creating a framework, and most importantly, execution with your live video marketing stack.

Badboy is also really direct and his specific techniques were really useful for nightgame especailly, rather than mainly mindset and inner game stuff from Alan and Dave.

She began her career at Hilton in where she held roles in business development and yield management before joining Melia as Director Revenue Management Premium Brands Europe, before becoming Global Revenue Management Director a couple of years later.

She is responsible for ensuring clients are supported and informed so that their business can get the maximum benefit from the software. If I come back to the area, I will see if this rental is available, and you should too.

I could reach her immediately if needed. Susan provided clear instructions so didn't have any issues during my stay.

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If you actually just do what you want to do and say what you want to say, more often then not the girl will love your confidence and totally follow your lead, rather than reacting at all badly! Ronnie Higgins is a content marketing manager at Eventbrite.

As the leading cloud platform for hotels, SiteMinder empowers hotels to attract, reach and convert guests across the globe. Learn how to put together a live streaming studio the easy way Workshop This workshop gives you all the specific details you need to create a live streaming studio inside your organization, brought to you by Epiphan Video.

Since then she moved on to oversee the ecommerce segment and subsequently web marketing. Charlie Osmond Chief Tease, Triptease Charlie built his first business straight after graduating from Oxford with a degree in engineering. RateGain is a leader in hospitality and travel technology solutions for revenue management, rate intelligence, electronic distribution and brand engagement helping customers around the world to streamline their operations and sales.


I appreciated the coffee and tea in the apartment. They are given exclusive access to the latest trends, vital solutions, and breakthrough case studies in the revolutionary live space.

As of Aprilshe works as a freelance digital consultant and teaches digital analytics for Squared Online Digital Leadership Courses developed by Google. SummitLive is redefining and reinforcing the new standard for live, by establishing an interactive, meaningful, and results-driven dialogue from start to finish.

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The company has shown a very fast growth over a decade and has been recognized as the fastest growing SaaS Company in India. I needed a temporary place to stay for a new job while our children finished school in another state. Top business executives and professionals are gathering from around the world to learn, share, and collaborate.

I stayed with him this last trip to house hunt and was pleasantly surprised with… Read more Julia January Susan was a lovely host who was kind and quick to respond to messages.

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High-yield periods and periods of low demand are identified at an early stage and can therefore be optimized by using a dynamic pricing strategy or call for action by your marketing and sales department. After heading up digital for a tourism marketing agency in Auckland, she returned to the UK in where she now works as Digital Manager for The Hoxton.

The hotel brand is rapidly expanding with three new openings in the states planned this year and at least two more hotels to follow in Learn how to harness the data they gather to win key sponsors, improve attendee satisfaction, and fine-tune your strategy for future success with Ronnie Higgins from Eventbrite.

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I got the Deluxe DVD package, which includes the other speakers that were at the event. What makes me genuinely happy is when people tell me that after having talked to me, they want to break free of old habits and give their own visions a fair chance.

It cuts right through the bullshit and most girls will respond really favourably! She joined Swissotel Hotels and Resorts in to expand the leisure segment for the company. Being direct works, and this is a great DVD to kick-start you into the direct mindset.

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We found the apartment a bit cold and drafty, but we stayed during an unusually cold weekend, so that likely wouldn't normally be an issue. After watching the DVD and going out with Dave and Alan's mindset, using some of Badboy's techniques and some of Sasha's funny material, I was doing things like grabbing a girls ass at the bar within a few minutes of talking to her, going for a kiss within 5 minutes of talking to girl after barely having said anything to her, grabbing girls and spinning them around as an opener, whispering to girls about sexual stuff I want to do to them in the middle of a conversation, and more.

Susan was the perfect host, answered all of my questions as a new user, I had a few.