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Lea is also prone to overromanticising things. Hence, she's completely put off by the notion, and refuses to have anything to do with it.

Age 17 Lea die Birke is Icarus' stepsister and Mark's cousin, who became part of the Juniper family once her mother Lindsay married Die barke dating love song father Macintosh. Mark Juniper During Branches: Lea insists that the two cousins are selfish - not talking to her before, when it's a family matter that circulates around her as well.

She's obsessed with the idea of sentimentalisme, and is a girl completely driven by her emotions. The two soon became dating.

Over the course of Branches, Lea starts to notice how the Junipers are treating her more like family, but their emotional conditions are steadily growing worse.

At the beginning of Branches, Birches and JunipersLea was a simple, non-legacy, teenager who had nothing on her mind except pretty girls and school grades. She decides not to prod into their personal lives, because that would be rude.

Despite that, she and Mark have gotten on the most. Since then, Lea held an admiration for the next Bird in the Rose-Tree, and made her affections known. Her obsession for culture is a strong one, and that only drives her romanticism.

Lea knows that she somehow irritated Mark since he yelled at her and feels rather guilty.

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Then her mum got remarried to Icarus' dad, because her mother is a huge golddigger and the Junipers are relatively rich. Appearance Lea is tall and awkward, with die barke dating love song cheeks.

However, everything changes when the Junipers confront her about it, and she is furious. But, in Lea's mind, that was the way things happened, and she thought best not to question it. Lea thinks Icarus is weird and awkward. As Icarus' stepsister, she was meant to replace Mark as the next Marlinchen in the Juniper Tree, but Mark ended up retaining his role.


If she bambi basketball wives dating marked off as an absolute sweetie, Lea would come off as a touch pretentious.

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She is a girl stuck in the past, with a pre-concieved idea that it is somehow better, more sophiscated, more intelligent and enlightened, than the present. She's kinda a 'birch', but like, it's understandable why she acts that way. Lea is truly unaware of the true gravity of love, or obsession, in the real world.

Unfortunately, Lea hasn't been able to pick up on that. Your love is like a drug I'm so addicted You got me fucked up and it feels so good Your love is like a drug I'm so addicted You got me fucked up and it feels so good You got me fucked up, feels like I'm losing my mind Can't focus, can't do shit And everything's covered in slime I'm out of control, what the fuck Feels like I'm going insane What the hell have you done to me Can't get you out of my brain I want you now always and forever Fuck the world, fuck everyone Yo I don't care, whatever I can feel my heart pounding like a motherfucking cartoon Don't know what the hell's going on All I know is I want you Yo!

Most of her friends are relatives or siblings of future fairytale characters. It's making you act like a total dick now. Contents Character Personality Lea, at first, appears to be a sweetie, who cares about nothing more than the comfort of others, and who wants to make everyone happy.

She didn't know, with her mother marrying the previous brother in the Juniper Tree, that she was perfectly liable to become the next Marlinchen and take the legacy away from her new cousin, Mark.

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Trivia Lea is a pun on "leaf", which are on trees, while "die Birke" means "the birch", which is a tree pun say it aloud.

Due to this negative experience, Lea has a bad association with the Juniper Tree and the Marlinchen destiny. On being a part of The Juniper Tree it's a tree-ifying prospect, to be frank.

But you're not your emotions, so I forgive you — she said, through gritted teeth. Or so she thinks. Appears in mainly in Branches, Birches and Junipers. She realises that he had since felt guilty himself for yelling and tried to throw her an apology party.

The guy has come off as nothing but avoidant and standoff-ish to her, so Lea simply evades talking to him, thinking that she bothers Icarus, as no one else thinks of him as odd as she does. Her innocence in that aspect is her downfall, and Lea's escapism into novels and art is her destruction.

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Here was an innocent girl who did community service, who read books like Wuthering Heights and listened to the Carmen soundtrack, now swept into a family where things like child abuse and murder was common. Also strained and awkward.

The thing is, Mark only acts so nice and approachable towards her is because he's afraid of losing the Marlinchen destiny for not being "Marlinchen-like" enough. In private, Lea is idealistic and romantic. She's admirable in how affectionate and caring she is towards others, and is in every way hospitable.

Icarus Juniper During Branches: Lea wants to be someone who knows of famous plays and can recite monologues off the bat, someone who paints in watercolours and knows of Impressionist paintings and of the Pre-Raphaelites.

What Lea had never done was read the actual story of the Juniper Tree. Relationships Family Parents Lea's biological father and her mother divorced a while ago, which Lea was relatively chill about.

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However, Lea is still at unease with talking to either of the Junipers since she doesn't feel like she's been accepted as part of the family by either.

Therefore, she thinks Mark's "overreactions" to her are because he actually hates her, rather than Mark being understandably paranoid and anxious about his legacy being taken away.

Lea's obsession for the arts leads her to want to become a more cultured, a more sophiscated person. Quotes I know you're angry for some reason. Friends Lea has many friends in the small public school she goes to.

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Difficult because he's her girlfriend's best friend. Her mother had recently gotten married into the Juniper Tree family, and Lea toyed with the idea that her mother might be sacrificied in order to fulfill some destinies.

However, she has no idea whatever kind of insult or hurt she had given him, so she is a little peeved that he never elaborated or directly stated why he seems so annoyed.

From her previously average middle-class situation, Lea rose to a more comfortable upper-middle class situation, and things became slightly better. Her idea of love is a twisted one, moulded from classic novels and operas and musicals where the main characters all die.