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In packed BCD our 0. The decimal value is shown. Enter the number in hexadecimal form or in binary form in the corresponding field.

For display purpose, the number of figures is limited to But it wasn't widely adopted, cause it makes life more difficult This button is made available when focus leaves the binary or hexadecimal fields or if enter was pressed once.

And this byte should hold this digit's binary code. Here is the calculator for BCD.

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However, all computations are performed folios a4 online dating full precision without any rounding.

The closest decimal value that can be represented by this binary expression is also shown in the field "Most accurate representation". So it is just old curious thing and I haven't known anything about it until I was told by site users. As I wrote on the link above, the problem which appears during convertion of fractional numbers from one numeral system to another is the loss of precision.

Good idea - no precision loss, convertation can be done with ease, rounding is simple - just shift unnecessary nibble.

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Each square corresponds to a bit in the binary representation of the number. And this was called packed BCD. How to convert from binary to decimal? You could enter decimal or packed BCD and get the conversion. Well, on second thought idea was tuned.

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A bit can be toggled by clicking on the corresponding square. Since decimal numbers are "native" for human, and binary numbers are "native" for computer, the problem of precision for these particular numeral systems once got a solution - invention of binary coded decimal BCD format.

As example I used decimal 0. Real number How to convert from decimal to binary? Since upper nibble is always empty since 9, the maximum, is - let's use only one nibble for each decimal digit.

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The result is shown on the next page both in hexadecimal and in binary. Click on the convert to decimal button or press enter twice the first enter will only refresh the other fields if changes were made. However, there appears the reason for another one.

For floating-point numbers, the following formats are valid: Idea was simple - use one byte for each decimal digit. Enter the number in decimal form in the corresponding field.

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BCD means more memory to hold numbers and more complex schemes for numbers operations. Then, for example, 0. This button is made available when focus leaves the decimal field.