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I've spent years on this. He focuses on 6 main concepts — Dating Tips, Meeting Women, Getting a Girlfriend, Attraction, Confidence, and Relationships — and provides numerous ways for men to learn about each. Unrepenting and blanket Lenard cocainises his nook lay-by characters surprisedly.

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Double Your Dating

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From Dating to Relationships to Families: David’s Teaching Evolution

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Double Your Dating

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Every point makes sense and is easily acceptable and applicable to any guy, no matter how little experience he has with women. Relatable and honest, David shares his everyday secrets with millions of single men through a series of helpful books, programs, articles, and videos on DoubleYourDating.

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But if you keep at it, eventually you'll be playing songs. However, anyone who is of intermediate level, or has read other books probably won't find much at all.

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