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Both formats played on IFC. Whenever a character's wife is mentioned, crobots online dating name is usually Meredith. Hitler also makes appearances in some sketches filmed when the troupe was still part of the SVA.

According to an IFC interview, Trevor Moore says that the group's name originated during a freestyle rapping session on a subway, when one of their friends said, "You guys are the whitest kids I know.

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The third season, which premiered on IFC on January 27,in the 10 pm time slot, was composed of ten minute episodes as well as and minute episodes.

SuperDog also has a cult following of humans who think of him as a god.

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The format of 10 half-hour episodes remains, with each episode ending with a segment of The Civil War on Drugs, a full-length film starring Whitest Kids troupe members reimagining the American Civil War as a war on drugs. Films[ edit ] Moore and Cregger wrote, directed and starred in the comedy film Miss March.

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Darren Trumeter, an actor and filmmaker who had worked previously with Cregger, was then added that same year. The character is usually played by Trevor Mooreand is characterized by his deep, official, and serious voice.

It was an instant hit for Fuse, and the show was picked up for a second season immediately. In "Abe Lincoln" and "John Wilkes Booth", he is the victim of John Wilkes Booth 's assassination attempts, though in each sketch the circumstances are quite different. The group considered walking away from the pick up order over the new content restrictions.

The Whitest Kids U'Know

In "Abe Lincoln", Lincoln disrupts a performance of Hamletfrustrating Booth sitting in the audience, and is consequentially bashed to death.

InMoore wrote on his website that a true Whitest Kids U' Know movie was planned, and that the script was currently being written. However, due to what Fuse perceived as extreme comedy, the second season order came with limitations on content. The tenth episode of season two was broadcast live on IFC.

In "Demon Ouija Board," he is a disembodied booming voice who reminds Balthalthazar possibly a deliberate misspelling of Balthazar that the sole job of demons is to entertain.

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He has appeared in the sketches "Irresponsible Television," "Genie," and a few others. Moore confirmed him as a recurring character in the commentary of the season one DVD. In contrast, he appears in Act 3 of "Opus Acts 1—4" as a horned humanoid who rants about people making assumptions on who he is.

The Boss is also seen in "Asian Hooker," where he tries to coordinate and run an office meeting while chained to a bed and a screaming Vietnamese hooker.

Not much can be said about Billy Matherson himself as his character and situation seems to vary from sketch to sketch.

Andrew Lincoln

It was stated several times on the show that the season will be first released uncensored on DVD. SuperDog has made appearances in several episodes of season three, with Sam carrying him around. The season one DVD was released on February 5, In "John Wilkes Booth" the president is victim to constant harassment by Booth, who sneaks into the theater and hits him with a variety of objects while saying Sic semper tyrannis.

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Her marriage is usually troubled, or she has already been divorced, as seen in the "Office Sniper" and "Helicopter Wife" sketches. His last name varies, with "Matthews", "McLaughlin", and "Carlyle" having all been used.

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He is not above killing innocent people and has even killed a baby before though by accident. He is usually depicted as an average teenager who is always getting in some sort of trouble. His appearance varies throughout sketches. Unlike most other characters that share a name, Caleb's character is relatively consistent.

WKUK - Abraham Lincoln (uncensored)

Satan is also mentioned several times by various Whitest characters throughout the sketches. He is incredibly tasteless, promoting things such as baby skull-seeking bullets and making jokes about his best friend's death.

There are also references to Nazism and the Nazi regime.

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