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It covers the period from 18 October to 31 May Clair Glass, until his death in Attractive mauve-colored magnum paperweight or doorstop that is signed near the base "Robert Barber B18". The pins show the centre of postcodes, not exact locations Average sold price key: These cameo paperweights were made in France by both Baccarat and Cristalleries d'Albret in the s and s.

A concentric millefiori paperweight with complex canes in amber, lavender and white on a translucent green ground. Ray Banford cherry paperweight. S Rick Ayotte Unusual paperweight depicting a black glass satyr mask on a crisp clear glass base, which has a curved trapezoidal shape: After his death, his brothers and nephews have continued the glass tradition and some still continue to work today.

Every planet produced by the artist is unique and this one is done primarily in gradations of blue. The material must be acknowledged as Crown Copyright.

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P William Manson This white crimped rose paperweight has a white rose with 14 petals and 5 deep green leaves at its base. The others in this series, have small versions of only the seventeen other silhouette canes surrounding the large central one and were made in a smaller limited edition of less than The piece has mauve pulled glass around 8 large free floating, spaced bubbles and the entire piece is encased in thick clear glass.

Signed David Lotton, No warranty, express or implied, is given relating to the accuracy of content of the Registers of Scotland data and Rightmove plc does not accept any liability for error or omission. Has signature cane "F. Clair with a hot stamp. This is subject to it being reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading context.

Perthshire Paperweight Fluted Milleflori, Crieff Scotland Signed " P "

Signed on its base: Please note the dates shown relate to the property's registered date ration card photo bio centers in bangalore dating sold date.

Selkirk Glass has recently closed.

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This yellow primrose paperweight is from Selkirk's Hedgerow series. Master glassmaker Peter McDougall established his studio in Crieff Scotland in near the Perthshire Studio, where he worked from Signed and dated on base.

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The pictures depict top and side views. Selkirk Glass paperweight with a translucent green ground on which lies a yellow central flower with a millefiori stamen and green leaves.

Jonquil and blueberries bouquet paperweight. Millefiori signed paperweight F.

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The Registers of Scotland allows the reproduction of the data which it provides to Rightmove. Two delicate white flowers, a bud and green leaves rest on the center of this clear glass paperweight which has a star cut base that is encircle by ruby glass.

ZL Randall Grubb Emperor penguin glass sculpture. After World War II, he and his family started producing handmade art glass and inhe began experimenting with color and molds and spent much time making paperweights.


This wild rose paperweight is from Selkirk's Hedgerow series. Three large red poppies are surrounded by delicate yellow flowers, blue and white flowers, and stems in various shades of green on a clear ground. A high dome paperweight with a three-dimensional jellyfish with translucent body and flowing tentacles.

Orient and Flume His paperweight expertise evolved from a formal art and technical background when he began working with hot glass in Q Orient and Flume: A white cameo on a blue jasperware disk is centered on the top surface of a drum-shaped crystal.

He made classic style paperweights in limited editions of no more thanbut the company closed in Rare mini-piedouche paperweight with several concentric rows of different complex canes in red, white, pink and blue, some having green centers.

U Satava Art Glass Studio: They all have a large central silhouette cane with smaller versions of the other Gridel canes found within their designs.


Pansy and bud paperweight. A purple and yellow pansy with its white cog cane center blooms alongside a bud and green leves, over a clear glass ground. Fantastic crystal cubes, tilted on one corner and mounted on a square, beveled edges, mirror base; three sides have dichroic coating and a concave facet.

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Signed and dated '09 on base. A central trio of blue flowers is surrounded by several green leaves, stems with yellow flowers and carefully placed deep blue flowers with yellow stamens.

Any color in the photos are only light reflections and not abnormalities in this clear glass paperweight. This pansy and bud paperweight is from Selkirk's Hedgerow series. Very few of his paperweights are still in existence and all those in our Kraft Gallery were purchased from his estate. Attractive multi-faceted pedestal paperweight with 1 top facet and 2 rows of 5 facets.

A large cluster of intricate green and white daisy-type millefiore canes is placed on a central cushion of pink and white glass, which are all encased in a crystal dome.

The paperweight has a ring of vertical facets on its sides and a ring of shorter facets on top, which border the cameo. The paperweight still has a gold paper label "Cristalleries Lemberg Lorraine". Signed, numbered and has paper label.

P Josh Simpson The burden for fitness of the data relies completely with the user and is provided for informational purposes only. K Orient and Flume: A fine piece of French art glass that would be a perfect gift for someone born in or marrried in that year. Carl Kraft was a little known American glass artist whose paperweights are quite diverse in style, rather limited in number and a real find for the paperweight collector.

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If you have found an error with the data please use our feedback form Disclaimer - Rightmove. Signed, dated, and signature cane.

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For any other use of this material, please apply to the Registers of Scotland for a licence. In the s, they began making fine millefiori paperweights, which were characterized by having low, shallow domes and wide bases.

In recognition of him, Fenton named one of their lines of artglass vases the "Rober Barber Collection".