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Dating old 7up bottles. Old soda bottles for sale

All writing and designs are embossed.

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I have 40, ML brand new never filled Authentic Jimi Hendrix Vodka bottles for sale and 12, 50 ML mini bottles brand new never filled for sale.

I would like some info.

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Any help on this you could provide would be greatly appreciated! I have found more info here today than anywhere on the net. About a month ago I spotted a bottle on ebay and in the description it stated that the bottle was "Tumbled" I e-mailed the owner for information as to how it was tumbled, what was used, where can I get such an item, the tumbler.

Could you give a ball park estimate for this particular jar? The dates on the machine say U.

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Thank you for your time and your efforts. If old dates around This vending machine will only accept a silver quarter. He is terminally ill and wanted me to do something with it.

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Thanks and God Bless, Barry. Sounds like the bottle advertised above. On both side it makes a cross. I have a bottle that looks like a barrel. Australia How much is a bottle of Canadian club whiskey worth?

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I need age-price-contents-company info. It has a cork top. Addie Thanks so much for any help very kind of you. Both 10 and a quarter inches, rectangular and seam stops at the top of the neck. Pic 2 and 2b- Bottle on left is round. It looks to me to be in as near perfect condition as it could be in.

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Digger Dear Digger, I went online to try to find out about my bottle and found your site, I think it's fascinating. On all four sides it has an indian head that resembles one on a buffalo nickle; facing the right, two feathers in the hair which is braided.

Thank You, Gina Hello again, I had forgotten some other information in my last email about the green unusual shaped bottle. The bottles both read Chief Wahoo Electric Tonic. Was it the early s when production of these inks began or before that? I have this one that is emerald green.

I found a bottle that has H. Clear bottle the same,but has C embossed on bottom. Can you please estimate the value of this bottle for me?

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I am taking that by the date info it was produced in the Oakland, CA plant inbut I don't know where to search from there or what it is worth?

I'm not sure she is considered a "bitter" or not even though the word is on her tag.

Re: Old 7UP Bottle antique 1953 green glass 7 up pop bottle. Stamped '53

Baltimore MD" on the front and the number 7 on the bottom. If any readers have information, I can be reached at hkinter sprynet. I have a beer bottle. Pic 12 - Bottle may be bimal.

I've spoken to the library in Iowa and they said that Lane's bottling works was in business in and in moved to another location in Sioux City they thought it was a salesman's sample case.

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There is a very crude sheared lip, which was then covered over with additional white milkglass to smooth what I guessed were rough edges. I have a light green open pontiled M.

It is embossed with this. Do you answer questions about figural liqueur decanters? I have several different of these bottles and know only that they are mineral water bottles, used for waters of certified mineral springs in Germany.

Thanks again, Dave Stonecypher Rosemead, Ca. There is a rusty spot on its bottom.

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Thank-you for your help Gayle I would be able to provide a picture if necessary. Thanks for any help you can provide. Pic 8 - Bottle on left is rectangular in shape. Your time to this small but interesting find is appreciated Sincerely," Because of the color of this bottle, it is most likely a reproduction dating from the 's.

Moore Hi, Digger, i am looking to buy the old bottle holders for round bottom ginger ale bottles.

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There are no apparent "lipping tool" marks. Inside the circle is embossed: They will be clear glass unless otherwise noted. Just acquired a pink depression glass one and would like to know about it.

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Thanks Andrew Garret Museum curator Do you know the history of a bottoms up whiskey glass? Engraved on the bottle is: Deb Your bottle is a Jim Beam Collectible although they are not very collectible. They are a very rare collectibles.

7 up bottles

Any help or direction would be appreciated! They are both in excellent condition with no damage whatsoever. Ten years ago a friend found a bottle while escavating. Digger I am a student at Cal State University of Northridge and was wondering if this bottle collecting club included baby bottles?

Maybe a quart I have a Cabin Still Kentucky Bourbon decanter shaped like a hillbilly with a shotgun and jug. The seam from the bottle does go all the way to the top. Have you any idea as to the make, age, and book value of this pig figural bottle?

How much is an old 7 up bottle worth

Bottle on the right has 10 panels. I have been digging my first site. It is in two parts. Is the a date?