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A Liberian man will have five women he is dating and will still be out there trying to pick up another. Too many of you are dying along with ohly your children in the front seat of taito flirting church.

A Liberian man will sleep with his best friend wife. Who give you the right to destroy these women lives? A Liberian man will not pay any attention to other men children in his home or even when he is dating you.

A man at age 30 or older should not still be "dating" he should be married with a home and a family. A lot of Liberian men have three to six children by three to six women; how careless and childish can you be?

Arguing with a woman in public is a stupid move, you will pay for it for days to come.

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Your parents are not her responsibilities, stay home and take care of your parents; if your spouse knows you are with another woman, she will mistreat your parents to get back at you. A Liberian man will never mentioned to you that he had kids during his teenage years.

Remember to love her, treat her with respect, take care of her, be her partner, best friends, cherish her; put her first in your life.

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A Liberian man will come home midnights and expect his spouse to not have a problem with his behavior. You are not her father, stop bossing her around. RW - feel free to adapt these into the original 27 as, I, in this public manner, do give you the copyrights: Did you think you will not have to take care dating liberian men these children?

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This is disrespectful especially when her spouse is standing right beside her. Never tell your wife her food is not good while you are eating, again another stupid move; wait until you are done eating and do it in the nicest way remember, the food is better in your stomach then on your stomach.

Remember, 12am is another day, as far as we are concern if a man is not in his home by A Liberian man cannot tell you he has not slept with another woman since wedding; ladies, ask your spouse.

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Lies, lies, lies, is there a university Liberian men go to for a PhD in lying? Play thing; my little thing; my man I am trying to eat that thing; my side thing, etc.

A Liberian man cannot tell you honestly how many children he has. And the same goes for the children you brought with you from another relationship.

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Settle down and stop the game playing, you will live longer. Tell your other women not to kiss your shirt collar this tell us she wants us to know you were with her. A Liberian married man will sleep with any and or all females in his home regardless of their ages.

Going to multiple events in one night does not make you a stud, it only say you are killing yourself slowly.

Dating multiple women will cause you an early death; we are burying you fasten and younger then we are marrying you. A Liberian man will leave his wife sleeping on their wedding night to sleep with a woman he met at his wedding.

Sleeping outside your marriage will only make her gain more weight. Work with one woman at a time and you just might enjoy your life. A Liberian man does not respect his Liberian women; they see them as second class citizen and thinks they are theirs to toyed with.

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A Liberian man thinks paying the bills is his sole responsibilities in his marriage and the wives should do the rest even if they are also helping with the bills. If she is related to you in any way, sharp or form, her private parts should not be touch by you.

Liberian women are killing themselves and going crazy because of their Liberian men. Stop telling us you will marry us when you are promising this to others women. Do not call home in the middle of the night and ask us to cook soup, we are not your hour-diner, nor are we Burger King, you cannot have it your way.

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A Liberian man will leave you and marry your friend but still expect you to continue sleeping with him of and on after his wedding. You can not change her; she was what you left her best friend for remember?

I have yet to see a Liberian man hug and kiss or even hold his wife hands in public, they are so scared that another woman will see and not want them. Who told you they were free for all on the market stand? We are not your maids; next time you are coming to America, bring your house maid with you or learn to pickup behind yourselves; helping to cook will not kill you either.

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Only teenage girls have babies in Liberia. If she is your daughters or step-daughters, be a father to her and not her boyfriend.

All you so-called Liberian pastors, God did not make you a pastor for you to get more sex in your life; He needs you to teach His people the word of God. A Liberian man knows more about things going on in an organization than his home and family.

Stop having babies with your women if you have no plans on marrying her.