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Dating la pita pottery designs, pottery shirts!

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Our ornamental ceramics are unique pieces, individually hand-made and hand-painted by the best ceramic artists. Tuscan culture, tradition and landscape can be found in each design or peculiar shape.

See more "La Torre" models pottery Solid color dinnerware sets A bright, colourful and modern dinnerware to set up your table?? Great ideas for those who are furnishing their own home but also for interior designers and architect looking for new high-end suppliers to give their project a touch of Made in Italy.

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Email Newsletter to receive monthly newsletters about making pottery and updates to this site. Send it my way. Each piece is individually hand-made and hand-painted by our artists.

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Everything from setting up your clay space, pottery tools and forming pots to applying glaze, firing and finishing your work. See more modern ceramic furniture "La Torre" models pottery To revive the splendor of the old Italian villas and to furnish your house with masterpieces of a unique artistic value, please, visit our website where you can buy these beautiful ceramics, each one hand-made and hand-painted by our artists in Tuscany.

Discover techniques and tips for making pottery and connect with other ceramic artists and potters. You can also check out some of the top pottery sites on the web.

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You can choose if buying all the pieces in one colour or creating a mix among the eight colours which are now for sale on our website. Go to Ceramics for display Dinnerware For special occasions or everyday, set your table with the most colourful, elegant, modern dinnerware. It is now possible with our solid colour Tuscan ceramic sets!

If you have resources or information about pottery techniques or any part of the pottery making process I would love to take a look. If you have any questions, contributions, or just want to talk about pottery I would love to hear from you.

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The Clay Blog Review highlights the best pottery blogs every month. Learn to Make Pottery master the pottery making process The main purpose of this site is to help you learn more about making pottery and ceramic art.

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You can even get your pottery studio featured in the newsletter! The designs combine the warm, traditional Tuscan country colours with the latest modern style.

The shop is now open.

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Look for a new design every month!