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The eastern rainy season begins in April and reaches its peak during July and August. In the eastern basin it is subtropical monsoon climate characterized by warm winter and hot summer, early spring and rainy autumn.

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Because of the many systems used to transliterate Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet, there are an inordinate number of variant spellings for place names within China. It has a population of over 81 million, approximately 34 million more people than Spain, living in roughly the same square area.

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World famous Cuisine of Sichuan and Sichuan traditional music has made the Sichuan province more interesting terrain to explore. SichuanHighlands of Sichuan province, China. Railways have been built across the mountains, and steel bridges have been constructed over rivers in the west.

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About half the inhabitants of the west are pastoral. Sichuan province, ChinaAerial footage of farmland in Sichuan province, China.

Multi ethnic regional culture, a number of heritage zones of this province are surrounded by Verdant mountain ranges, gushing Fountains, Caves and ravines. The immigrants brought with them agricultural techniques that are reflected in the heterogeneity of present cultivation patterns.

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Because there is little wind and practically no snow in the basin, these fragile and extraordinarily beautiful structures and decorations can safely be constructed.

The thoroughly dissected terrain and easily weathered rock structures of the province have made the construction and maintenance of highways costly and hazardous, entailing the constant threat of landslides, the presence of numerous steep slopes and hairpin turns, and the necessity of constructing many solid embankments.

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In a six-digit code, the first two digits indicate a province, the next two a prefecture or municipality on the prefecture level, and the last two a county or municipality on the county level. The name Sichuan originates its significance in the Chinese word for "four circuits of rivers and ravines".

Peking renamed to Pei-p'ing peace in the north.

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Moreover, the diversified landscapes together with the nice climate nurse a great number of rare plant and animal species.

The east is noted for its frequent fogs, its many cloudy days, the relative absence of wind, and the high relative humidity. It has a long history of silk production.

Li Bingengineered the Dujiangyan irrigation system to control the Min Rivera major tributary of the Yangtze.

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They are easy to construct because the bedrock is soft and weathers easily. Built originally as a Ming Dynasty garrison post, Songpan is now a bustling market town in which Hui, Tibetans, Han and Qiang communities all come together.

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East Sichuan lies on a relatively small crustal block that is being compacted by west Sichuan. Mount Emei, in the south-central Daxiang Mountains, is one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism; it reaches an elevation of 10, feet 3, metres at Wanfo Summit.

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The Yi live in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in the southwest, while the majority of the Tibetans are dispersed through the western plateau regions contiguous to the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

Agriculture and forestry Most of the population of Sichuan earn their livelihood from agriculture, and a large portion of the provincial exports are agricultural products. Chengdu became a leading industrial city. There is also an extensive plateau and some swampland. Official figures recorded a death toll of nearly 70, people, and millions of people were left homeless.

Historical Monuments

In the temple there are more than 40 statues of the Kingdom of Shu, some 40 steles and stone tables, 30 plaques and a dozen or so of ancient tripods, incense burners, bells and drums.

The Tibetans follow their own form of Buddhism. Two of the most interesting indigenous animal species are the pandaor bear catand the lingyang a special species of antelope. Examples of such cities are Luzhouat the juncture of the Yangtze and Tuo rivers, and Leshanat the confluence of the Dadu and the Min.

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Settlement patterns As one of the most densely populated provinces of China, Sichuan may be compared to the Yangtze River delta and the North China Plain.

Buddhism remained influential in the region. The change history of Chinese subdivisions is somewhat confusing. Between 8, and 11, feet 2, and 3, metres there is a subalpine zone of coniferous forestwhile above 11, feet there are alpine zones of scrub and meadow up to the snow linewhich occurs at 16, feet 4, metres.

Lushan County, Sichuan

Drainage Seen from the air, the principal drainage pattern of the eastern section of the province has the appearance of a leaf with a network of veins.

From the province's main river, formerly named Che Chiang crooked river. Capital of Kwangsi moved from Kweilin p: Sichuan basin is characterized by low, rolling hills interspersed with high ridges, floodplains and valley flats.

The capital, Chengduis located near the centre of the province.

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During the early years —30 of the Chinese republic, Sichuan suffered seriously from the feudal warlord system; at one time it was divided into as many as 17 independent military units, and not until was it unified under the Nationalist government.

There are about 2, third-level divisions: The Miao live in the southern mountains, near Guizhou and Yunnan provinces. As a rule, the autonomous prefectures represent little more than a symbolic cultural indulgence of local minorities.

In the west, water transport is difficult and limited except in the lower reaches of the Anning and Dadu rivers. Power supplies are sufficient for local needs, and the excess is added to the national grid for consumption farther east.