35 life lessons we learned from classic Disney princesses 35 life lessons we learned from classic Disney princesses

Dating advice from disney princesses cracked wheat, recommended for your pleasure

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BUT, you have to admit, Disney created some pretty questionable dos and don'ts for the dating world. But it's not totally fair to claim that the princesses are helpless babies who don't do anything for themselves.

If your prince thinks you're "a prize to be won," then quickly apologizes after getting caught, true love is still there. And if taking over and managing a household isn't a worthwhile job, I dare you to say that to your stepmom's face.

Being called a "savage" by your prince isn't racist, it just means you need some work. Click here for additional information. Tiana — Dare to dream. But one thing is true, regardless of the fantastical powers, by midnight Cinderella was still who she was when she danced with the prince.

Disney has actually done a crackerjack job of giving us Lady Vaders over the years. Snow White — Be open to making new friends.

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Beauty is skin deep — get to know people for what's on the inside. I mean, he didn't kill a man or anything, but still. Had anyone who's not animated actually tried them, things probably wouldn't have turned out well.

Don't Play Hard to Get Although Prince Charming's first move wasn't exactly a perfect landing, I prefer a less creepy approach than approaching a woman in the forest it is endearing that he continued to pursue Princess Aurora even after with the cat and mouse game she put on.

But, in the real world, this might be a strong indication of someone's true colors. Clutch a rose while you're catching some zzz's if you're trying to look dainty AF. When Peter and the Lost Boys ask her to stay with them to be their mother, she refuses so she can go back home to grow up.

Except Harry didn't marry Hagrid outside of certain fan circles. You know what's crazy? And as they grow older that dream evolves to wanting to be treated like a queen.

Because these ladies watch jyu oh sei subbed online dating spend the majority of their films pining after a man and true love and all that crap.

She made the most of what she was given at all times and she never gave up. It's acceptable for your love to be bought. Be mindful of complacency; if he is 30 years old and content working a dead-end job, then he probably isn't worth your time. You go girl, find your inner warrior!

9 Inspirational Quotes From Your Favorite Disney Princesses

If you meet a guy that eats five dozen eggs every morning to help him "get large," there's a good chance he might be a narcissistic villain. Before getting sucker punched by a tainted apple from a much more powerful woman more on that laterSnow White saves herself by taking over the household of not one, but seven men.

The most recent princess can also teach women a thing or two. Looking back on the plethora of princesses Disney produced, it's shocking to me these inadvertent dating tips were just casually tossed in the films. But then a hot boy comes around and suddenly she's begging a super shady sea witch to get rid of her most distinctive attribute.

Perhaps some of the most prevalent key words that we find among women on my website, SeekingArrangement.


Consider the Start Up Maybe he isn't the wealthiest suitor in your court. You should receive an email to confirm your subscription shortly. Beauty rest is very important, but don't waste your life sleeping.

Yes, Prince Naveen was desperate to not live out his days as a frog, but he took advantage of another desperate person, Tiana, tossing the idea of money in her face when she needed it most.

Don't let mirrors run your life.

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In fact, if you were to approach the Disney princesses from a purely feminist standpoint, you should start with the recognition that most of their adventures begin with rebellion against the patriarchy; Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas and Mulan LITERALLY disobey their fathers to achieve their goals.

Definitely be sure to secure a ride home that won't change into a pumpkin. They were busy getting stuff done, righting wrongs and kicking some serious ass. Reading, intelligence and independence are all super sexy. It's totally romantic for your Prince Charming to kiss your presumably dead body.

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Don't Pretend to Be Someone You Aren't We can sit here speculate that no one could have predicted what would have become of Cinderella had she not met the Fairy Godmother.

If you were an American girl who saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the theater inyou're still waiting to see a real world parallel to the Evil Queen.

Questionable Dating Advice from Disney Characters | Oh My Disney

Pocahontas — Dive into the great outdoors. In fact, if you watch all the Disney princess movies, you get to see plenty of female protagonists battle female antagonists, and that's a lot of vagina for a supposedly sexist franchise.

Though to be fair, that's later a major plot point of the movie, so one point to "Frozen. I bought my daughter a princess storybook, and eventually costumes, tiaras, movies, and every other manifestation of the princess franchise made it into the house.

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Disney During this two minutes and seven seconds long song, Anna and Hans sing about how "love is an open door" and how it's crazy they met each other and are so in synch.

Merida — Family is forever. Try whistling, I guess. I mean, you are supposed to be with the person in sickness and in health. The Walt Disney Company If we had to choose the most adventurous princess of all, it would have to be Mulan.

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Wise Disney princesses just chillin. Disney You may be his one true love, but I guess he'll actually recognize you as a person after the wedding bells chime. Living in the ocean her entire life helped make her who she is.

No matter how old you get, something can always be learned from these eight simplistically animated, beautifully bad-ass women that shaped us as children. Science fiction can barely comprehend women as anything but spunky companions at this point, and we're still mad at Disney?

Your voice is powerful beyond measure.

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Rapunzel — Get out of your comfort zone.