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Invoke God — in the sense of repentance and change. In this world where communion has no value whatsoever — in a world torn apart, disunited, full of virtual communication and deprived of living communion…in a world where everybody is enclosed in his own, lonely shell — to counterbalance all this we must reveal something very different, for the Kingdom of God is totally different from this.

Unity is something that requires each of us to invoke God — each of us from every simple believer straight up to the Patriarch and the Pope.

We're dating a reformed hoegger with either. They experience horrible and irrational antagonism, which comes from ancient times — from Isaac and Ismail.

This enmity will remain until the second coming of Christ. Our God is a God of Love. If there is no spiritual unity, it will be much more difficult any other aspect of unity. The unity of Christians living in Europe, and the unity of Europe itself are two different things, although they can sometimes be considered in parallel.

Sin plays a big role here, as well as the issues of power, politics, etc. Most of these movements are lay movements. When we overcome the disunity and disintegration — and this can be done only in Christ, through His love and His presence among us — then the world begins to see this.

We learn a lot, but we are lacking in dialogue.

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It has given me great inspiration and hope as well as a wonderful experience of unity with brothers and sisters. There, there were Christian Jews and Christian Palestinians.

A man is a human and a woman is a human, but they are functionally different. Neither should we spend too much time discussing whether the time is favorable or not.

The problem of atomization is present both in Russia and in Europe, but being a foreigner, I see some special characteristics of the situation here in Russia — a proiectarea unei baze de date dupa un sablon datehookup way of thinking that obtains when people realize that they are part of one community.

There is certainly something positive in this, but it is bad when strong juxtaposition arises — when I can only understand myself through distinguishing myself from the other and opposing him.

Who, even a year ago, could have thought that this could ever happen so soon? The desire to control everything was characteristic of the Soviet period, and the consequences are terrible: I remember imagining that perhaps some orthodox priest would come and lead the service for us, that we might have joint activities of some sort; we have various spiritual gifts, and the orthodox have their own, different spiritual gifts… But all this turned out to be rubbish.

They have come together with purpose — not for the Church, but for Europe. The situation in Russia and in Western Europe is very similar in some ways — tensions in society, opposition, fear, the menace of Islam, terrorism, different radical ideas, etc. What touched me the most was the brotherly love which I experienced from people in the Brotherhood.

The task of spiritual restoration — and the unity of the Church of Christ is an essential point for this restoration — requires daring and labor. I have been part of this movement since the first meeting we had in Stuttgart, inand I see a new reality and a real sign of hope in this movement.

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Sometimes it seems that the problem of dialogue with Muslims, for example, is given much more attention. It is a call for me to renew my love to Jesus on the Cross.

Read More Events Nothing beats a packed house filled with happy friends, family and potential customers. And here we can again recall the example of our Patriarch: Unity begins with listening and hearing. If this responsibility were consciously recognized and acted upon, society would immediately feel the result and the positive influence of our process — remember the reaction to the meeting of Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis.

I have seen so many times that people react particularly to this, and not to our social projects. For the moment, it is more of a monologue: I am not ready to answer this question right now.

But this love is born and comes out from among us precisely when we overcome the sin of self-sufficiency and self-centedness — when we want to be in the centre and determine everything. In Europe, as far as I know, the question of Christian unity which in the European context means the unity of Catholics and Protestants relates to the problem of the political and economic unity of Europe itself, and these are different issues.

We can say with all confidence that for most of the people both in Russia, Europe and America, this was a real consolation. But I am a very practical man. The same is true of the Church.

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And then, wherever you may be — whether in education, politics or in any other sphere — if you have love within, all your activities to influence the world obtain a different quality.

We confess our faith in the Trinity and in this relationship of love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And we are given a witness of the Kingdom of God which is not of this world.

We only have the universal priesthood of the people of God.

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Read More Identity Your identity is more than just a name written on a sheet of paper or the sound of words rolling off the tongue of a potential customer. And in Christ it is possible. We should move more in the direction of communication. But we need to see much more of this, so that not only in Europe, but also in Russia, the space for dialogue and communication is well secured.

There is practical unity when we pray together — Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants — and this brings hope. It is never favorable.

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There is of course a thirst for revival and for friendly relationship. Although the reasons may be different, the result is the same. Jesus seeks the restoration of life for every person, and this restoration means communion with God.

When we started to move towards unity, we could not imagine what lay ahead. At the Transfiguration, the Father says: For a start, there is the idea of Russia and of orthodoxy: It is the common responsibility of all Christians. For this reason, our striving for unity — both in the East and in the West — does have an influence on society.

Obviously, healing depends on the efforts of the whole Church, and not only upon hierarchs and professional theologians.

And we should revise it both from the Catholic and the Orthodox point of view.