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The kitchen smells amazing.

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I pull out a couple of the pots Caroline gave me, and began to get everything laid out. The actor and his American-born wife keep a holiday home in Connecticut, where her father - the former husband of Marilyn Monroe - retired before his death in While it cooks, I grab a beer, and grate some Swiss cheese into a pile.

Miller had kept the existence of the child, also called Daniel, a secret; but friends say Day-Lewis took to paying weekly visits to see the playwright's secret son. I get some water boiling in the other pot and put in some rice.

The rice is nicely cooked, not mushy. It had not been an easy childhood: But Cecil's death left a lasting wound.

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And even though some of my badly cut onions make for some awkward eating moments, as the strings slide out of the spoon and attach themselves to my chin, the flavor is spectacular.

Another claimed this week that in one fight scene in a bowling alley, the star pummelled him for real with bowling balls. All of which is being lapped up by gossiping movie executives over corporate lunches at Hollywood's trendiest watering holes, as are tales from the few who have been permitted admittance to the star's isolated Irish hideaway.

You cook some onion in butter, stir in the rice, pop it in the oven. In the role that won him his first Oscar, his acclaimed performance as Irish writer im dating the ice princess ebookers cerebral palsy victim Christy Moore in My Left Foot, he asked the crew to wheel him around in his wheelchair between takes and feed him with a spoon.

Friends say he is now close to his son. He has emerged to make just four films in the past decade, including his latest role as a violent oil prospector in There Will Be Blood, which won him a Golden Globe this week hence this rare appearance in Los Angeleshas been nominated for a Bafta, and is tipped to earn him a second Best Actor Oscar.

Such attention to detail has sometimes irked his co-stars. He does admit, however, that a year after his father's death he is the son of former poet laureate Cecil Day-Lewis, who died when Daniel was 15he took an overdose of migraine tablets and received psychiatric treatment.


There was just one hitch: He was also accused of a certain ruthlessness when he met Miss Miller, now 45, in on the set of The Crucible - a film of the play written by her father, the acclaimed American playwright Arthur Miller.

Those passing by on the set were instructed to abuse him and throw cold water on him. Add some cream and grated cheese and mix it up.

Instead, he has increasingly embraced a hermit-style existence in his tiny Irish village. Day-Lewis has in the past been dogged by rumours of drug-taking, although this week he said he had stopped using them. It seems to make sense, and appeals to the part of me that likes to make lists and check things off of them.

I stand right there at the counter, and gingerly take a spoonful.

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One fellow drinker said: Later, when his agent Julian Belfrage, who had become a surrogate father to him, died of cancer inDaniel is said to have suffered a nervous breakdown. Deya only discovered he had got married when a friend of his rang to congratulate her, assuming that she was the new bride.

After a whirlwind romance, the couple were married secretly in Vermont. Then I put the lid on the pot and put it in the oven, and set my phone with an alarm for thirty-five minutes.

The VERY strange life of reclusive superstar Daniel Day-Lewis

Then a ball bounces up and hits me in the leg, and I'm thinking: Head down and wearing a tatty fisherman's cap and black biker's T-shirt, which exposes a tangle of vivid blue tattoos down one arm, he also sports two silver hoop earrings which give him the slightly comical appearance of a pantomime pirate.

There, in a lilting Irish accent, he orders a pint of Guinness, which he drinks alone on a barstool while studiously avoiding eye contact with his well-heeled fellow guests.

Share or comment on this article: When he starred as the psychotic Bill "The Butcher" in Martin Scorsese's The Gangs Of New York, he first trained as a butcher; and while on set, he listened obsessively to the music of foul-mouthed rapper Eminem in a bid to keep up his "level of aggression".