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However, when she isn't about to take your body, she's pretty nice to look at. Zash revealed to the Inquisitor that they could not begin their plans unless Skotia was dead, and that she could not be the one to kill him without attracting unwanted attention from the Dark Council.

Since when has anyone in the history of the Sith committed a murder so brazenly, yet made it appear she was somewhere else the entire time? Dealing with Darths Edit "Lord Zash is becoming too powerful too quickly. This will guide the Sith Inquisitor with tactics to defeat Darth Zash and then climb the Sith hierarchy.

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Zash, wanting to find only the most qualified student to become her apprentice and eventual vessel, asked that Harkun put the prospects through trials that tested darth zash flirty strength, talent, dedication, and understanding of the Force in relation to the Code of the Sith.

And that lardass Baras is supposed to be there as well, if you spare him. Zash decided to introduce herself to the former slave, and so intercepted the young acolyte outside of Harkun's chambers upon their return from Hord's tomb.

However, when she isn't about to take your body, she's pretty nice to look at.

SWTOR Lord Zash defeats Darth Thanaton

Matt MooreHace 3 meses My question is why they made her a whole new rig and armor set just for a throwaway character? I wonder who's idea it was and why? Fuck, Darth Mortis was one of the more interesting Sith characters, how foolish of Bioware to just kill him off like that.

Although the overseer initially complied by gathering six uninitiated Force-sensitive former slaves, his own prejudices against aliens and the dating simulation games anime kiss caused him to recruit a seventh potential apprentice—the highly-trained and high-born Sith PurebloodFfon Althealthough he hid this seventh acolyte from Lord Zash.

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Was tired of people talking about her return. An epic fail from Bioware.

Darth Zash Flirt

They did good burying her once and for all. A woman who excells at intrigue, mind games etc. The only decent consequence was arcann's fate. In spite of the hurdle Skotia represented, a possible solution soon presented itself to Zash. GameslordHace 3 meses I don't mind that Zash returned.

Lazy pricks Silverknight 3 mesi fa. But "No, we had to finish the Theron Shan traitor questline". You'd think he'd be trying to kill Acina instead of the outlander. So stay alert and keep the mouse and keyboard actions swift and flawless Since the companion for this fight can only be Khem Val, turn on the combat stance option on Khem Val, and make sure Darth Zash distributes the damage about evenly between the sith inquisitor and Khem Val When Darth Zash targets the sith inquisitor, it may be wise to run around and allow Khem Val to hit Darth Zash Use med pacs and willpower stims to try to maximize damage on Darth Zash Use jolt and overload to interrupt Darth Zash's abilities, particularly the healing ability and area effect ability For a relatively comfortable fight, it may be better to try to defeat Darth Zash at level 33 Don't forget to electrocute and then Channel the Force and then electrocute again.

It's time to face Darth Zash with Lord Kallig's lightsaber.

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Zash allowed Harkun to create some of the remaining trials on his own, but commanded that the acolytes' final task be to journey into the Tomb of Naga Sadowwhere Tulak Hord had left a map sealed in an inner chamber.

What even happened to her prison box in the first place?


This is so retarded. After the meeting, she was promoted to the title of Darthand thus was now known as Darth Zash. An epic fail from Bioware. The acolyte's success in a challenge that Zash herself had failed years before caught her attention, which was further piqued when the same acolyte managed to collect a long-hidden text from within Tulak Hord's tomb.

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One such task—the retrieval of Marka Ragnos's holocron —was completed by an acolyte who had drawn particular distaste from Harkun. IsaachHace 3 meses A shame they didnt develop on this further, it would've been a nice buildup to perhaps a new expansion or small side story but she's immediately killed off again: It's almost like trying to defeat a mirror image of the Sith Sorceror.

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MarcusDarkstar 3 mesi fa The Nathama Conspiracy is and was meant to tie up loose plot lines from the Knights of Fallen Empire storyline can't have a eternal Republic-Emprie conflict with the Eternal Fleet maintaining the peace and this was just an extension to tie up loose character plot threads that might have been relevant later on.

That is the face I chose for my Zash character since that is the face she wears through most of the game.

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Slow clap congratulations on missing the damn point. Turning such a seemingly interesting and intimidating character into some pathetic lackey", but then I saw him inside one of those chambers and When the Inquisitor arrived at the cantina to inform Zash of Skotia's death, she received a holocall from Darth ThanatonSkotia's former superior.

Joel GawneHace 3 meses She has good taste in meat suits, I'll give her that.

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Basil 3 mesi fa I'm sorry, but what is SHE doing here?? I mean they could've made a class specific mission for this like the ones we got on rishi. Sigh, a shame really.

Demon King Third Lord.