Who Has Jason Sudeikis Dated? | His Exes & Relationships with Photos Who Has Jason Sudeikis Dated? | His Exes & Relationships with Photos

Darren rose jason sudeikis dating, movie talk: marvel reportedly asking disney to bring james gunn back for 'guardians 3’

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In the film, Jason - who appeared on GMA in a grey shirt and green trousers - plays womanizer Jake, while Alison - clad in a white blouse and black, flower-covered skirt - is serial cheater Lainey.

Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis reveal that they almost dated.

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On her way into the studio, Alison stopped to sign autographs for fans Leading lady: The year-old actress was previously best-known for roles on Community and Mad Men Lainey's problem is a little different: The stars of Sleeping With Other People revealed no other personal details during their Good Morning America interview and instead stuck to talk of the movie.

Alison explained that her Community boss, Dan Harmon, tried to set her up with Jason - until he found out Jason was already in a relationship 'About four or five years ago - my boss, Dan Harmon, the creator of Community and my boss for the last six years Scroll down for video Charming duo: Several years ago the two actors almost had a real-life relationship.

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As it turned out, both Jason and Alison would be dating the people who would be their fiances just a short time after missing their chance at romance with each other That someone was most likely Olivia Wilde, now Jason's fiancee and the mother of his month-old son, Otis.

As Alison and Jason revealed, that chemistry had a history: Alison, meanwhile, began dating actor Dave Franco a short time later - they announced their engagement on August The year-old actress and the year-old actor showed that charming chemistry during interviews as well, guests on both The View and Good Morning America on Tuesday.

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InAlison began dating actor Dave Franco - the couple announced their engagement in August Good relationship: Jason Sudeikis left and Alison Brie right visited The View and Good Morning America on Tuesday to talk about their upcoming movie, Sleeping With Other People That strange coincidence occurred when they were almost set-up on a date, a potential romance derailed only by timing.

Playing serial cheater Lainey in the film, Alison looked lovely in a white blouse, black and flowered skirt, and red shoes 'We got sex out of the way, and now we can get down to the real intimacy,' Jason joked of the movie's central - and platonic - relationship.

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As Jason explained it: Jason was dating his now-fiancee, Olivia Wilde, at the time of the set-up and the two now have a son together Both actors assured their View interviewers that they were very happy with their respective partners and preferred having a working friendship.

While on The View, the actors revealed that they almost dated several years earlier Set-up: