Round 6: Daniel Zink vs. Kamiel Cornelissen Round 6: Daniel Zink vs. Kamiel Cornelissen

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The Restorer had given Cornelissen enough acceleration daniel cornelissen flirtomatic leave him in the beat down position and a Frightcrawler and Acorn Harvest reinforced this. Zink matched it with a Dirty Wererat and Aven Windreader.

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Finally it turned up leaving Zink with a number of options. Zink wanted a quick kill combosaurus okcupid dating and when cycling an Obsessive Search off the 'tog revealed a Syncopate he got the green light to throw everything to the 'tog and end the match right there.

Kamiel Cornelissen Craig Jones Kamiel Cornelissen is the highly successful Dutchman who finally broke his run of just missing out with his first title in Grand Prix-Heidelberg.

With Laquatus Champion and other goodies in hand he could potentially turn the game right around if he found an answer to the Flock. Zink just hadn't been able to find a sixth land quick enough.

Cornelissen : Dry Pigments By Volume

Daniel Zink is the current German champion and made top 8 and last year's European Championships. This and the flashed back Fatigue then took down the Flock that had been so annoying in game 1. Cornelissen tried to match it with a turn 4 Springing Tiger and turn 5 Soul Scourge but was severely behind the clock.

A Dreamwinder from Zink couldn't claw back the tempo, especially when Cornelissen removed his Windreader with a Patriarch's Desire after it had blocked the Aven Flock.

Zink looked much better in this game as he made Compulsion. He chose to remove the Gravegouger with Morbid Hunger to get his life total back up to a safer looking eight. Daniel Zink beat Kamiel Cornelissen This gave him threshold so in went the Wererat only to vanish from the game with Second Thoughts.

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Game 1 The game started slow until Cornelissen bust out an Aven Flock on turn 4 through the help of a Krosan Restorer and followed it with a Soul Scourge. Cornelissen Zink Game 2 Zink made Cornelissen go first and removed his first creature, a Cabal Torturer, with Crippling Fatigue before summoning his own.

Zink wasn't about to let up as a Psychatog joined the frenzy. Cornelissen had drawn Narcissism though and had enough cards in hands and enough creatures on the table to run through for the game.

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Like Zink, Cornelissen chose to draw first only to regret it as Zink came racing out of the blocks. Kamiel Cornelissen Frustratingly, Zink couldn't find a sixth land, even with a Looter, but it did allow him to discard an otherwise useless Llawan, Cephalid Empress.

Scourge traded with Windreader and a Patriarch's Desire took down the Shade in an attempt to stem the bleeding. Cornelissen looked for an answer with Skeletal Scrying but a Hallowed Healer was just a plaything for the Torturer.

He summoned a few monsters but even though a Stone-Tongue Basilisk looked quite impressive, it couldn't deal with Zink's swamp-walking Shade. Before then he'd managed back-to-back second place finishes at Pro Tour-Chicago and Los Angeles Cornelissen cast Skeletal Scrying in response to Zink's Mesmeric Fiend but it didn't reveal anything more exciting than a Moment's Peace and Gravegouger.