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Dancing with the stars season 19 artem and lea dating, scoring charts

"Dancing with the Stars" season 19 cast revealed - CBS News

Results show 15x13 -- Nov 05, -- Week 7: Bruno got a rush watching the routine. Most Memorable Year 22x4 -- Apr 11, -- Week 4: The couple began in a car and Lea brought some nice character in her slinky movements.

Batman and Robin Witney boostme okcupid dating the couple would be superheroes, Witney being Robin. Bruno thought both gave a good effort.

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June 01, Classification: There was at least one confused arm pass. Julianne pointed out how much support Michael had, he did much better this week.

"Dancing with the Stars" season 19 cast revealed

I thought Bethany had heavier foot placement but the two moved like a team. Iconic dances 15x6 -- Oct 09, -- Week 3: Julianne loved Bethany's journey throughout the season.

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The Results 23x8 -- Oct 10, -- Week 5: The two ended off with a little hug. Icons 22x8 -- May 09, -- Week 8: The two felt much slower than Sadie but more precise with their motions.

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Jive or Quickstep 15x4 -- Oct 02, -- Week 2: Len knew they would be back next week. She had an acting coach come in to help get in character, but Artem struggled in the beginning to keep his confidence as an actor. Bruno agreed, Sadie has gone a long way. Bruno thought the characters needed a reckless attitude.


The two continued to travel and they had to continue studying the video. Michael Dance - Rumba Tommy hurt his calf again after his dance, but the two got dancing fast. She still continued to push him no matter what.

It was decent, but lacked oomph. Results show 15x3 -- Oct 01, -- Week 2: Carrie Ann thought Lea's confidence finally was back; she moved too much like a ballerina. The Pretty Little Liars fans were not mighty enough to get Brant Daugherty through to the quarterfinals, so it will be interesting to see how much success Janel Parrish will have.

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo Bethany was exhausted from weeks of dancing; Derek knew fatigue was kicking in.

Dancing With the Stars 2014 Season 19 Cast List, Pairings and Assigned Dances

He was just a bit behind on some of the moves. We want to hear your thoughts on this topic! Carrie Ann didn't think he was on the same level as the other celebrities. The whole apple theme with the Afro Jazz undertones didn't fit for me with the song. Sadie picked Bethany, leaving Tommy and Michael to face off.

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Val explained that the contemporary needs physicality and wanted to make Janel stronger for the routine. The two danced without their capes and the two had a good party spirit as they danced. Julianne loved the maturity that Sadie portrayed.

Who are your early picks to win? There was a strategy because the winner of the dance-off got three points.

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Carrie Ann saw that one routine had the essence and the other more content. Luckily for him, most of the dance was lifts by the end of the song. Adam and Eve There was frustration from last week's critiques which motivated both Mark and Sadie to work even harder to win over the judges.

She realized the two would have to be very bad-ass to match the outlaw theme.

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Girl Groups Night 24x7 -- May 01, -- Week 7: Results show 15x18 -- Nov 26, -- Week Bethany seemed confident about the movements. Carrie Ann thought the routine was phenomenal, but there was one mistake. Latin Night 22x3 -- Apr 04, -- Week 3: Hometown Glory Part 1 21x4 -- Sep 22, -- Week 2: You Be the Judge 22x9 -- May 16, -- Week 9: Carrie Ann loved how the two were in sync.

Len wanted to see the couples go again. Bethany Dance - Cha-Cha Sadie had a little bit of a warm-up until the two got into the dance.