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As I left his house I saw blankets and a pillow on his couch meaning that he let me sleep in his bed and he slept on the couch. A film obsessive from a young age, he originally wanted to be a director or editor until admitting he was "more of a fan than a filmmaker".

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And I haven't told York or Davis yet. InSmith featured as vocalist for the song "La Lune," produced and written by the French electronic musician Madeon for Madeon's album Adventure. We all stood over on the stage as our equipment was brought in.

Can you give us more information on that? Well what song are are we gonna preform?

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I waited 5 minutes and then the interview started. Dans a really nice guy.

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Career[ edit ] Smith was educated at the University of Leeds in Leeds, West Yorkshire, where he gained a degree in English Language and Literature [2] while also writing about film and music for the Leeds student newspaper. See you guys later! We all laughed and then we all went home. I drove to the interview and got there at 1: The door creaked open again.

We recorded it but we haven't made a music video yet.

Dan Smith (Bastille)

Smith did not achieve mainstream success in his solo career but continued writing songs both alone and with his close friend and roommate Ralph Pelleymounter of the band To Kill a King.

I changed into a black dress with green flowers and I put on black converses with green laces. I'll text you later!

It was a text from Dan. I need them to preform.

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And he paid for you. We preformed the song.

Dan Smith of Bastille: ‘I sound like a nervous wreck who hates doing this’

I wasn't sure if Dan was ready to tell anybody yet. Smith has said that his earlier work was influenced by Regina Spektor.

Dan and I both blushed.

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Jeremy pulled out his wallet and started counting money. As soon as I got home my phone buzzed.

Dan Smith (singer)

Would you like to preform for us? I got to my house and I took a quick shower.

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His original, "Dan Smith Piano" was stolen in Anyway that's all the time we have for today. It was then 1: What was that about? What is you and Dans relationship? The door creaked open Hayley: Than I blow dried my hair and straitened it.

Dan Smith of Bastille: ‘I sound like a nervous wreck who hates doing this’ | Music | The Guardian

Even when he's drunk he's a gentleman. The two formed a side project called "Annie Oakley Hanging" which was described as "cowboy-like" by Pelleymounter. I have an interview at 2: Today I'm here with Paramores Hayley Williams!

And then we all left but Taylor stopped us in the parking lot.

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InBastille's new hit single Quarter Past Midnight was released. What's going on between you and Dan? In the same year, Smith co-wrote and provided vocals on "Better Love" with Foxeswhich was released 4 September Are you guys dating?