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It was accepted as a championship breed in Siamese Social and friendly, Siamese cats have a knack for communicating with humans. He happily greets houseguests and generally gets along easily with other cats, children and dogs. You're probably thinking of a cat like an American Shorthair or another calm breed.

Besides, they show off a round head, full cheek, large eyes and a short nose. Siamese cats abundantly display their triangular heads, elongated ears and almond shaped eyes.

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Love cuddles on her own terms meows with the worst voice EVER and only accidentally scratches whenever she is scared and needs to get away she bites my hand rarely, but when she does you can't even feel it. So cute I have 2 myself, 1 snow and 1 gold both loving little girls!

The cats are average sized and get along with people and other pets very well. Savannah Cats can either be sociable or the exact opposite so exposure to other people and pets is essential.

These cats have been shown to better for people with mild to moderate allergies. V 7 Comments 6 Tabby A tabby is a coat type not a breed. He is an entertainer by day and an under-the-covers cuddler at bedtime.

For 1 they look like a panther wich is my fave wild cat breed. Super-smart and fiercely devoted, the Siamese is never far from you at home. They are quite social and love to get attention from anyone who will give it to them.

This breed demands human interaction, does not enjoy being left home alone for long durations and will treat you like a rock star each time you walk through the front door. V 1 Comment 17 Munchkin The Munchkin deserves to be in the top tens. This all-American breed averages 16 pounds, a whopping four pounds more than the average cat.

They will not and cannot protect themselves against predators, so a ragdoll should never be left to their own devices. He behaves a bit like an adorable imp and is always ready for play.

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Learn more about the Scottish Fold. This makes them look more like an owl. Extremely social, he thrives in active households. There are more than eighty differing color combinations for the American Shorthair. Bengal Cat Image source: With short fur and a sleek body, they are a magnet for attention.

Exotic Shorthair Also named short-haired Persian, the Exotic Shorthair is exceedingly faithful and affable. Manx cats are very sociable and love interacting with their owners. These cats are equally dedicated and committed.

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Russian Blue This breed of cat is quiet, smart and easy-going. Their facial expressions also change according to their mood and their eye color may change from green to turquoise. They later appeared in America in the s for breeding being accepted into championship status in I own one, and he is one of the sweetest cats you'll ever see.

Sphynx cats are awesome I have a cat like this his name is butters This one's eyes are just beautiful. Behind his sweet expression, captivating round eyes and thick, luxurious coat, the Persian quietly and effectively displays his fondness for his favorite people.

10 Cutest Cat Breeds

I have a tuxedo and he thinks he is a human and not a cat and he like to sit on the drive way and attack dogs. Early generation Savannah cats weigh between 14 and 25 pounds 6.

American Bombay The American Bombay cats are black in color. They also go by the name of American longhair. He wants to be where you are, but he can be a bit clingy.