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It was built in the 13th century as the seat of the main administrative council of the city of Treviso, and still today is home to the Treviso municipal council. However, today only water flows from her breasts, and the original statue is housed in a display case under the loggia of the Palazzo dei Trecento.

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Its purpose ended on December 13thwhen Treviso became a possession of the Serenissima. What to see in Treviso: Fish fry and spritz — come aperitivo time, you should sit down for spritz, ubiquitous here as it is in Venice, followed by dinner in one of the local seafood restaurants for the frittura del pescatore, fish fry.

Treviso is a small, beautiful, smart and romantic city.


Church of San Domenico — Dating back to the 13th century, it features some valuable paintings, including the last known by Vittore Carpaccio, painter of the Venetian school, breeze2018 okcupid dating one by Tintoretto.

Duomo - The church dedicated to St. Canale di San Domenico — This is where you can get a feel for the fishing soul of Chioggia, where fishing boats keep coming and going.

At the center of the square is a Greek marble column surmounted by the Lion of St. One of the most beautiful itineraries you can follow is that around the walls, that will allow you to admire the marvellous villas overlooking the two rivers.

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Seafood market — Fishing has always been a mainstay of the local economy and you can find super fresh seafood of the Adriatic Sea and the Venetian lagoon at the seafood market located between the Vena canal and the Corso del Popolo.

It is a construction built at the end of the 13th century where nobles met to take part in parlour games. This is where boats from Venice dock. At the southern edge of the Venetian lagoon, Chioggia makes for a pleasant day trip from Venice, which is about 50 km by road, half the distance by water.

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It is lined by several Venetian-style buildings, and numerous bars and restaurants. The Duomo the Cathedral lies on the foundations of an Early Christian temple, and inside it houses a famous painting by Titian, the Malchiostro Annunciation. Ecco cosa vedere a Chioggia in una gita giornaliera da Venezia.

Inside are paintings of 18th century Venetian schools, including one by the young Tiepolo. The city also has an airport Canovabut also a few kilometers from Venice and in fact the two airports are connected by a unique system that links the territory virtually the rest of the world.

It takes a day or even less to visit the city.


Museums and monuments The Civic Museums of Treviso have three different seats: All'interno si trovano dipinti di scuole veneziane settecentesche, tra cui uno del giovane Tiepolo. If you arrive by train you can get to the center of town with a walk of no more than 10 minutes, if you arrive by car you can always park in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore area Municipal Stadium and you can walk to the main museums of the city, or parked in Piazza Matteotti, Borgo Mazzini, Piazzale Burchiellati not on Tuesday and Saturday mornings because there is no market.

Mary of the Assumption, founded in the 11th century, became a cathedral inand was rebuilt from by Venetian Baroque architect Baldassarre Longhena. But the building is also the seat of art exhibitions, whereas the inner Salone della Ragione is decorated with 13th-century frescoes.

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The Palazzo dei Trecento, also called the Palazzo della Ragione, is decorated with Ghibelline battlements. It takes only about half an hour to go from Venice to Treviso.

In this post you will find a list of things to see in Treviso.