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Search the Glossary Brokers Compare Mortgage Rates Think the mortgage rate that your bank offered you looks a little high? Related Terms and Acronyms: When an acquiring company liquidates the assets of a company it buys, incorporating or consolidating assets definition mortgage its operations.

This can be an expensive proposition if one of the merging companies is liquidated, and can carry additional costs associated with creating a new brand.

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When businesses are combined into a new entity and the original companies cease to exist. For example, merging an older, established technology company with a small start-up company may achieve a beneficial transfer of knowledge, experience and skills, but also may cause personnel to clash.

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It may also be able to use its larger size to extract better terms from suppliers because it will be able to buy more units. Another option for business consolidation involves moving smaller operations into an existing company that is not intended on being dismantled.

Business Consolidation Advantages Consolidated business can obtain cheaper financing if the consolidated entity is more stable, more profitable, or has more assets to use as collateral.

Unlike a with a mortgage broker, your bank won't shop around for the best rate on the market. Business consolidations fit into a few categories. Accounting Entity Breaking Down 'Business Consolidation' Businesses seeking to combine operations have several options at their disposal.

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In addition, business consolidations can result in a concentration of market share, a more expansive product lineup, a greater geographical reach and therefore a bigger customer base. Mortgage Rates Just a small difference in rates can save you tens of thousands of dollars on your mortgage, so now just imagine what an even bigger difference will do.


The most drastic option is to combine multiple companies or business units into a brand new company. Click or tap on the mortgage rate comparison link below and check out the difference for yourself.

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In such an example, management in the older firm may feel more comfortable with operating under strict administrative hierarchies, while the start-up company may have preferred less administrative authority over operations. Business Consolidation Challenges Companies that combine operations must deal with cultural differences between firms.

What is 'Business Consolidation'

When an acquiring entity owns a controlling interest in a company that is not based on a majority of voting rights. Assets include real property, personal property, and enforceable claims against others including bank accounts, stocks, mutual funds, and so on.

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Take advantage of our very low mortgage rates and apply today. Stocks and bonds are liquid assets because they are easy to sell quickly, but property is considered a non-liquid asset because there is no guarantee it will sell within a certain time period.

An asset or possession that cannot be converted into cash quickly.

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Definition of non-liquid asset non-liquid asset 1.