The Connstellation 38B Trumpet The Connstellation 38B Trumpet

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A 28B Connstellation would almost certainly have a 4xx,xxx serial. Early models 36B, through at least don't have a trigger on the first slide.

From as pictured here Conn switched all trumpets and cornets to a style of valve cap with the felt on the top valve caps itself.

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I haven't seen pictures of any Connstellations with serial numbers dating from or so I don't know what happened then. Even triggering the low F is spot on pitch-wise.

The reason is because Conn recycled serial numbers at some point during the early 80's. This extends to the main tuning slide.

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Otherwise the 36B and the 38B are the same including the nickel plating. Highly polished nickel plate with brass trim is protected by exclusive Lustre-Conn finish. It is a felt-less top valve cap.

This makes it somewhat difficult to tell a later model 36B and a 38B apart. The Connstellation pictured here is the "Late Model". The and versions used a style of valve cap that was specific to those years. All Connstellations up to and including those produced in have engraved on the bell "C.

The other option is to measure the size of the bell. Advanced acoustical design places this this horn at the peak of response, control, "projected voice" and performance. Draw your own conclusion from the quick removal of the word "Abilene". The 38B Connstellation is the succesor to the 28B Connstellation, which also featured the first slide trigger.

Also see the 28A for a picture of this that is the picture amps company in bangalore dating on this page. Here is an interesting article on the playing characteristics of the Connstellation: I suspect that from late serial numbersand above?

The issue of whether Connstellations have a Coprion bell has been discussed here in the past and different theories exist. This is a great tool and I love my Conn 38B!!! There is almost no "click" between G and A above high C that most other trumpets have!

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The Connstellation and weird 38B I used to own appear to have only the end screw. From onwards the third slide stop screw starts showing up on Connstellation models. It has a smaller bell and the 38B has sturdier bracing than the 36B.

I have seen other Conn instruments Euphoniums, specifically with serial numbers which the owner claims to have bought in the early 's. Brass bell, brass leadpipe who knows.

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The former Conn employee said that an Electro-D bell was a brass bell, electrolytically plated with copper, and then electrolytically plated with nickel. The felt on all Connstellations, as all other Conns, is red. A former Conn employee said, and this appears to be confirmed by the 's Conn Product Manual and other reports, that Electro-D is a similar process to Coprion using non-copper metals.

I'm sure it'll easily survive another 41 years. A strange but nice sensation. Instruments built through don't have a stop screw on the third slide.

So if you see a 38B Connstellation with a serial number of 4xx,xxx, then it is definitely not 's note: The 36B lightweight Connstellation came out in late The instrument pictured above doesn't have that stop screw, suggesting it was built before approximately Produces six to 12 decibels more sound for the same player effort.

Has it been designed for that purpose?

Bb Trumpet Conn CONNstellation 52BSLB

Electro-D bell and mouthpipe. Every detail of this trumpet has clearly been built to last for ever. Resistance gets gradually higher but never too high when playing louder. These descriptions seem to match with each other and the evidence. This IMO really helps the high register a lot.

Don't confuse the 38B with the Connstellation 28A which is actually a long cornet. The internal bore and taper conical-ness is quite different between the 28A and 38B, but this isn't obvious from the outside.

Here are the two ways I know of.

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A professional symphony orchestra trumpet player describes his 38B as follows: There are several variants of Connstellation 38B.

It can be very difficult to tell the difference between the two. A 38B Connstellation with a 5xx,xxx serial is almost certainly 's; the 38B wasn't produced until serial 6xx,xxx note: General pitch is really very good; high register doesn't go up, but strangely enough the F above high C played without valves is a tad flat, almost beyond the possibility of bending.

Just for fun I lowered the main slide to A pitch, and that works fine also Another variation among Connstellations is the third slide stop screw.

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In stead it still lists the previous model, 28B Connstellation. Later models 36B at least and later do have the trigger on first. The high register is amazingly easy.

Connstellations built in had "C. Complete with accessories in Connstellation case. The other way is subtle distinction, but should be apparent in most pictures if you know what to look for and it is also the reason the picture on this page was changed; the previous picture was a 28A I now realize.

Does this suggest that the 38B is a trumpet version of the 28A long cornet? Thanks to my colleagues for your participation!

Serials GA3xx,xxx and higher: Interestingly, the Conn catalog lists the 28A, but doesn't yet have the 38B Connstellation.

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But it has a serial number in the case of the 38B I used to own: First valve trigger on this trumpet offers immediate personal compensation to any musician. The "Abilene" disappeared quickly though and was replaced by simply "C. Connstellations built through all appear to have an end screw and two adjustment screws on both the first and third slide stop screws.