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In many species, the vas deferens ends in a small sac for storing sperm. A modern variation, which is also known as a vasectomy even though it does not include cutting the vas, involves injecting an obstructive material into the ductus to block the flow conductor deferente yahoo dating sperm.

Acquired obstructions can occur due to infections.

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Disease[ edit ] The vas deferens may be obstructed, or it may be completely absent in a condition known as congenital absence of the vas deferens CAVD, a potential feature of cystic fibrosiscausing male infertility.

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Prostate with seminal vesicles and seminal ducts, viewed from in front and above.

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Function[ edit ] During ejaculationthe smooth muscle in the walls of the vas deferens contracts reflexively, thus propelling the sperm forward. Contraception[ edit ] The procedure of deferentectomy, also known as a vasectomyis a method of contraception in which the vasa deferentia are permanently cut, though in some cases it can be reversed.

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In teleoststhere is a distinct sperm duct, separate from the uretersand often called the vas deferens, although probably not truly homologous with that in humans. As in cartilaginous fish, the upper part of the duct forms the epididymis. Best of all, you never pay a dime at the French Dating Site because it is completely and absolutely free.

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