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Come risalire dal codice fiscale ai dating, how do you calculate the italian fiscal code?

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Click here Take your completed form plus photocopy of your passport to your local tax office. Kindly, my landlady gave me the one page form to fill in, plus instructions on how to complete it. It was straight in front of me.

Da Data A Codice Fiscale

I sat down, took my coat off and settled in for the long haul. But its not as complicated as it sounds as to find your destination you just follow the numbers as they run on sequentially from house to house down the street unlike in the UK where odd numbers are on one side and evens on the other.

I was only 4th in line now and had hardly read a thing. Time was going to fly!

Codice Fiscale

Useful information Obtaining a codice fiscale is free high school story dating beckett, in my experience at least, fairly easy.

I wafted my papers at the helpful chap on Reception again and was waved through to the next stage of the challenge, the bit I was not looking forward to, the waiting room! Would my Italian stand up to the test? Posted on January 25, by DreamDiscoverItalia. Next, find the local tax office.

Barely had I read a couple of fact-packed pages, however, before the queuing system announced the next ticket. But everyone else had a ticket just like mine and was intently gazing at the screen willing it to call them forward to the next available counter so maybe this was the right place after all.

Luckily I knew of a shop that did photocopying just across the street so 10 minutes later was back at the tax office clutching my completed application form and my passport in triplicate well you never know!!!

I must be in the wrong room! I set of to find out!

File Infos

You will need one for a number of things including — signing a lease for a flat if the lease is going to be registered opening a bank or postal account buying concert tickets online buying a scooter or car taking up any employment whether just an internship or paid signing utilities contracts electricity, gas, water, internet, phone or mobile phone etc shopping online in Italy To get a codice fiscale — Photocopy your passport or national identity card Go to the Agenzia Entrate website and download the application form or pop into your local office and pick up the form.

Where were all the queues of people?

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It did not bode well, but the chap on reception could not have been more helpful, even as he cheerfully told me that I needed a photocopy of my passport and to not return until I had one! Another ticket flashed up, but it had skipped forward 3 places.

Bureaucracy stifles progress Photo source: Was I even entitled to a tax code?

Screenshots (3 pics)

If you are still tussling with the system, why not leave me a comment too so we can empathise and sympathise with you! I swiftly gathered my things together, frantically stuffed them into my bag and looked around for sportello, or counter, There is also a helpful guide in English on how to fill in the form.

Carta del codice fiscale — Tax code card It turns out that a codice fiscale is a bit like a national insurance number in the UK or a social security number in the US. It is an alphanumeric code assigned to all Italians at birth.

In total, the whole thing had taken me less than half an hour.

Dal Codice Fiscale ai Dati Anagrafici - Video Dailymotion

The finance building is a rather impressive palazzo including colonnaded courtyards and huge stone wellheads. So far, so good! Italians are passionate about food, family and football, not necessarily in that order. And if I finished it, I could always check my emails or Facebook. Agenzia delle Entrate — time to dive into Italian bureaucracy!


I presented my ticket, application form and triplicate passport copies to the lovely lady at counter 10 and, in the best Italian I could muster, politely asked if I could apply for a codice fiscale please.

Could I navigate the infamously convoluted and complicated state bureaucracy?

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So what happened to the interminable waiting? And the winning ticket is….

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Had I just chosen the easiest part of Italian bureaucracy to navigate?