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The option to choose between five switch types is dating app based on interest groups too, and the standard key sizes mean they can all be easily replaced and customised.

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The photo above shows those snazzy caps installed. Instead, it has a full-size USB connector. The board is meant to be a mainstream offering, but more for the touch typist than those who need to constantly look at the keyboard for numbers, letters and symbols. The outer plastic shell is solid and thick, and the keyboard is reinforced by a steel plate too, so there's little bend to it even when you apply excessive pressure.

Speaking of those special command keys, here is a look at them.


The new QuickFire XT is just the latest to join the line-up. Just in my short time reviewing keyboards at TweakTown, I have seen many variations on what Cooler Master delivers in mechanical keyboards.

You can only see it from the rear of the QF XT. No driver or software is required nor availablebut the board runs natively at a 1,Hz polling rate. Once again the front of the box shows the type of switches fitted to the keyboard.

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Although this is to be expected in some part as the increased features will have taken up some part of the material costs, more so features such as the individually backlit keys. The Quickfire Ultimate is also fully backlit and comes with 3 modes, and it has 5 brightness levels for each mode.

CM Storm QuickFire Ultimate

Speaking of the keys the Trigger Ultimate differs slightly to other keyboards as the keycaps have a grippy surface to them, which Cooler Master say will help to reduce wearing - which we will have to take their word on. Product diversity aids marketing and promotes better sales, I guess.

As you can see, the QuickFire XT is a full-sized keyboard, with a standard key count. As you get used to the lightness your typing should become quieter, this also means that they should be okay in an open office environment. The QuickFire XT is a different cat altogether compared to its older, key-less sibling.

Exhibiting the same extremely solid construction that won the hearts of QuickFire Rapid owners, the QuickFire XT utilizes top-rated Cherry MX mechanical switches available in various switch types to give a more unique and customized typing experience.

I love the smart, no-frills, no-nonsense matte black aesthetic. It was an unusual keyboard in that it used a non-standard layout and stealth keys, where the symbols are found on the front rather than the top of the keys.

Keycap Compatibility and Size Chart

If you need USB 3 ports, audio jacks, backlighting or macro keys, you'll want to look elsewhere, but equally you'd already know that by now. Typing does tend to be quick and smooth, however, thanks to the relatively light actuation force and tactile feedback.

That said, it is about as small as it could be, thanks to a very thin bezel — there's no excess plastic above, below or to the sides of the keys, but if the mm width is still too much you'll need to consider layouts that use less keys. The rear shows information about the specifications and features in multiple languages.

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Then the Trigger arrived. The rounded shape, smooth surface and slick action of the keys themselves also left us with little to complain about in that regard. Join us as we put it through its paces.

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These keys have a lightweight feel and a notch in the actuation which means that they are a good fit for gaming and typing. Even if you ignore the fact that most of its current offerings are available in a selection of the various Cherry MX switch types, CM Storm has starts counting fingers six different models of mechanical keyboard if you count via distinct model numbers.

There are also two extra replacement keycaps featuring the Cooler Master logo and the CM Storm logo; these two extra key caps can replace the Ctrl, Alt, Fn, and Win keys on the bottom row, if you wish.

After that we looked at the QuickFire Stealth, and in this keyboard the rules were changed a bit. Despite a good few weeks of use, we struggled to get to grips with it, and found ourselves yearning for a regular key layout. Conclusion With no extra features of software there's little else left to say about the QuickFire XT.

CM Storm QuickFire XT - Deskthority wiki

This key is a function modifier; when pressed simultaneously with one of eight Function keys F5 — F12 it enables some special commands.

A key cap puller is included, too.

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Click to enlarge Cherry MX blue switches aren't our favourites — the click tends to irritate us and we still find it occasionally difficult to double tap with them, which is particularly noticeable in games. Therefore, unless you'll frequently be using it in almost total darkness it's unlikely to be too much of a hindrance it never was for usthough we know this very much comes down to personal preference.

First to arrive was the QuickFire Pro.

CM Storm Quick Fire Ultimate - Review | CCL Computers

With its feet retracted, the keyboard stays in place quite nicely with its four rubber pads that may look diminutive, yet are still endowed with Pirelli P Zero-like levels of grip on your desk. Click to enlarge The braided USB cable with gold plasted connectors is detachable, but there are no cable channels beneath the board.

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