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I just adore being on set. One of the really cool, rare things about our set is every scene we shoot is effectively a workshop.

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It makes you humble and hardworking. But this being a sitcom on a major network, he often painted with broader strokes than we would have liked.

Our show defies comparison, for better or worse. Obviously you want to have fun; you want to have some genuine emotion there. We do a pretty damn good job at—forgive me for using these club 1909 jay baruchel dating minutiae.

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Alright, that bothered us a lot. I grew up in Montreal, and Montreal is a five-hour drive up from Boston. It kind of makes fun of those hallmarks in a way that is interesting, but it carries you along. We're guessing "she ends up rejecting him but he still has hope".

The oh-so-Jewy-looking Baruchel is a quarter Jewish, at least half Catholic, exposed to both religions, but now agnostic.

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Lizzie basically climbed into his pants and he said "no". For him bacon lovers dating site Lizzie? The bigger problem was that five minutes into the pilot episode, Steven declared that he is Jewish.

We find a way to take these things that, like you said, would just be a fleeting moment in another movie or a TV show, and dwell on it and make it life or death.

Did you always know that you wanted to write and direct? Are those conversations that you have on set?

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Man Seeking Woman films in Canada, as did Goon. It seems to suit me far more now. Somewhere in the middle [laughs]. After two decades in film and television, Jay Baruchel has acquired a pretty diverse fan club. My granddad and a great deal of my uncles and my cousins are all soldiers and were Mounties and have served the country.

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Man Seeking Woman does not heed the standard hallmarks of romance. If we were to just make fun of those hallmarks and do some version of pissing on tradition, I think it would come off as wanky and arrogant and like we had a chip on our shoulder.

You can drink at 18 in Montreal. Yeah, not exactly realistic there, Apatow. We found a way to swing that into almost an entire act. We try things out and not everything that we experiment with on set ends up on TV. I think our show, really when you look at it, the themes are ultimately quite old fashioned.

For him and his Judaism.

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We have this sandbox to play in. There are certain moments that allow us to get away with something, which would not really work in another moment. Again, if you want to make god laugh, make a plan.

They know that the process we have yields that show and they allow us that fucked up, weird process.

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But it still always wears its heart on its sleeve, which is why I think it succeeds. Not everyone can pull that off. One episode that really bothered us was when the show's protagonist, Steven, played by Baruchel, finds Jesus.

You always want to try and evolve an art form. I created this bone-head character.

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The Last of the Enforcers. So where is the line drawn? I would prefer to work that way. What are your general feelings about romantic comedies?

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People always like to have a good time and laugh, and, [among] the vast majority of the seven billion people on this earth, one thing that we all have in common is at some point we all need to pair up and find some sort of significant other, some sort of romantic counterpart.

But it still left a sour taste in our mouth.

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No wonder it only lasted 17 episodes. K3 April 9, — We've been recently watching "Undeclared", a short-lived series about college life created by the then-not-very-known Judd Apatow. Can you see yourself going completely behind the scenes and never acting again?

The pace feels a bit more breakneck in the moment on a TV set than it does on a movie set.

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Do you get to channel your inner hockey fan or are you as unrestrained in real life? It features many of Apatow staples: Now, thankfully, Steven abandoned Jesus by the end of the episode, so it all ended well. The problem is there are times when you should be able to wave the flag and light off a firecracker or two.

A lot of the same team and crew on our set worked on the movie that I directed, Goon. Our studio is seven minutes away from the house that I live in.

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What bothered us most was not that Steven's newfound religion led to him rejecting his crush Lizzie. People make shows part of their daily routine, and that makes them take ownership of it. A show created by Jews, starring Jews, couldn't it have an episode where the protagonist finds Judaism instead?

What I love about [TV] is this: They really dig our show.