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It is home to the spirits of Nurse Emma who tortured her patients, Roy the gentle giant and Raymond, a sexual deviant.

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To trap the ghost of a Civil War soldier named Henry Wood, they build a "Water Wall Cone" trap, an elaborate fountain that will keep the entity from crossing the curtain of running water.

In order to trap a ghost horse, they build an "Electrostatic Shape-Shifter " device that uses a Van de Graaff generator to produce energy. They create a "Phantom Writer", a case filled with iron powder, making a magnetic field in order to trap the spirits of loom worker Maude Williamson, who was murdered by her lover in the weave room and assembly worker Clark Williams who's skull was crushed by a steam cylinder in the slasher room.

Edson the boys build a Cryogenic Cloak — a rack with water and dry ice to produce cascading mist designed to allow spirits to manifest.

What happened?

The team were first spotted when competing on Zak Bagans' Paranormal Challenge — a reality show which each week pitted 2 teams of investigators against one another to prove chris smith ghost asylum dating could capture the best evidence.

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James Crow, who died in his on-site cabin in and a worker who was crushed by a freight elevator. While on the job, this ghastly metal foundry claimed the lives of countless workers by either burning or gassing them to death.

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It's also haunted by the ghost of Nurse Betty who hanged herself after having an abortion in the s. Each device is specifically designed with a particular entity at the location, for example at Rolling Hills Asylum, they built an Inferno Box which was essentially a modified Faraday cage designed to trap EMF inside, while on board the U.

In order to trap their spirits, the guys build a containment device called a "Wraith Casket Trap", a metal coffin with ultrasonic sensors, an IR camera, and Porter as a trigger object, lying in wait for a ghost.

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The buildings now stand abandoned and haunted by Dr. This time, the guys arrive with information on a forsaken spirit of a Native American and new equipment, an explosive trap they invented in order to trap an entity.

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The guys make a "Power Pyramid" made out of granite and quartz with a copper cap, creating kinetic energy to trap the spirits of two patients who committed suicide, as well as a gargoyle -like entity that hides in the shadows.

The boys use a combination of Southern charm, back water ingenuity and engineering knowledge to design and build ghost traps and other devices unique to the location being investigated.

The series follows a Tennessee based team of paranormal investigators known as The Tennessee Wraith Chasers as they explore a variety of locations in search of evidence of paranormal activity. They prepare to trap a dark entity nicknamed "The Creeper" with what they call a " Phantom Voltage Inducer", a device with magnetic panels that helps amplify a spirit's own energy.

During their investigation, the guys search for the spirits of spies, pirates and a headless horsemen.

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Other shows rely on the standard ghost hunting equipment, so viewers have found it refreshing to see the Tennessee Wraith Chasers come up with new ideas and build them on location in an attempt to draw spirits out and capture evidence of their existence.

They investigate in hopes of freeing any abused child spirits from their imprisonment in the nightmarish buildings by trapping them in their "Wraith Toy Box" filled with fun and safe trigger objects. If you are a fan of other paranormal reality series such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Lockdown then you will also enjoy Ghost Asylum.

They learn the story of young lovers Ann and Tony who met a tragic end at Fenwick's hands. What sets Ghost Asylum apart from many of the other paranormal reality shows on television is the team's approach to gathering evidence.

They try to make contact with the spirit of a murdered girl and rid the basement of a demonic entity.

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