Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke Rankings & Opinions Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke Rankings & Opinions

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Then just hide your face. Critical-- The buying and selling of dope in this country may be the last vestige of free enterprise left. You scratched my window.


Come on, let's go. Are you sure you talked to headquarters? Aw, you guys is tripping, man. They can't bust you for seeds. Hey, come ba-- Jesus!

That stuff that's tied to a stick.

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Knocking On Window Keep on knocking, but you can't come in Don't, man. It's too short, man. He's got an upholstery shop in Beverly Hills, but he gets cheaper work done here, man. Reach your hand down there. You sure it's a birthmark, man? They don't fuck around.

How you doing, man? This is code name Hardhead. No, I don't got no speed, man. I was sitting in the coffee shop Just minding my own affair When all of a sudden This policeman caught me unaware, man He said, ''Is your name Pedro?

You got the munchies, right? I need some air. You're a star, man.

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All we need is rhinestones and pointed shoes! Did you do this yourself? It doesn't look like much. Hey, you want to get high, man?

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Listen, where's the bathroom? Machines Make Farting Sounds Come on, cheeks. So, let's do it. My mama talkin' to me, trying to tell me how to live But I won't listen to her Because my head is like a sieve My daddy, he disowned me Because I wear my sister's clothes He caught me in the bathroom with a pair of panty hose My basketball coach, he done kicked me off the team For wearing high-heeled sneakers And acting like a queen Why don't you guys admit it?

We could do that. I'm just doing my job. Okay, the boss will be right back, man.

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Any sighting of them in the last half-hour? Yeah, I hear you. No, I don't have any ludes! You mean we ain't high? If you'd deploy a little recon, you'd see that Charlie has us surrounded.

It is a toothpick.

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You better put your seat belt on, man. Supposed to be eating a little bit of ice cream with it. You still like me, don't you?