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Males also possess a flap on the dorsal surface of the unbranched pectoral-fin Reproduction Has been achieved, but unforunately very few details are available.

Zebra otocinclus

The phylogenetic relationships among the fish in the subfamily Hypoptopomatinae are currently under study, and the genus Otocinclus may eventually be relocated Lehmann, Sexual Dimorphism Fully-grown adult males tend to be mm smaller than females, and possess a conical urogenital papilla behind the anus which is absent in females.

The species of Otocinclus are widely distributed in cis-Andean South America, from northern Venezuela to northern Argentina, usually inhabiting small to medium sized water bodies, often associated with marginal vegetation Reis, In addition, the new species can be distinguished from most buy zebra otocinclus online dating Otocinclus by its high number of teeth in premaxilla and in dentary vs.

Since then, new species have been described as Otocinclus, bringing the genus total to 18 valid species at the time of writing Eschmeyer, You may observe otos suddenly dart to the surface for a gulp of air, very similar to the catfish in the Callichthyidae cory, etc family.

There have been reports of otos feeding off the sides of certain other fish; this habit is probably the result of stress or insufficient vegetable algae matter in the aquarium.

Systematics and biogeography of the Otocinclus catfishes Siluriformes: InScott A. When introduced to an aquarium, there should be a good supply of common green algae or diatoms brown algae present or a good biofilm on plant leaves and other surfaces such as in an established aquarium, otherwise the fish may well starve.

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Otos possess a modification of the esophageal wall that may function in aerial respiration and assist in providing additional buoyancy that aids these fish in remaining close to the water surface in their habitats Schaefer, Siluriformeswith comments on the impact of taxonomic revisions to the discovery of new taxa Lehmann, Pablo A.

Otocinclus is a basal member of the tribe Hypoptopomatini and is believed to be monophyletic Schaefer, The following putative autapomorphies distinguish Otocinclus cocama from all its congeners: Within this group, O.

It will frequently stop to rest on the leaves of plants, and may frequently be inconspicuous in the aquarium.


The genus Otocinclus was erected by Cope in Once acclimated, it will feed from sinking foods such as algae, spirulinakelp tablets and discs. Schaefer revised the genus, recognizing only 13 of the then 65 species; the others he re-assigned to various genera.

The quarantine tank should be established in order to provide a good biofilm on surfaces for the fish to graze. It will eat other foods but must not be fed a diet lacking in vegetable algae, etc matter.

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Otos continually eat, so this must be considered when acquiring them. Presumably the fry are very tiny and will require access to copious amounts of algae and other greenstuffs.

Vegetables such as blanched spinach, cucumber and zucchini may be offered.

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Without abundant plants and other surfaces it will feel exposed and vulnerable and such stress readily brings on health issues and early demise. The phylogenetic biogeography of Otocinclus led Schaefer to suggest that much of the generic and species-level diversification of the Otocinclus and perhaps other loricariid catfishes occurred prior to the formation of the Amazon basin.

References Reis, Roberto E.

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