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Mushroom protein is easily digestible and contains adequate quantities of most of the essential amino aeids that are not found in cereals, vegetables, and meat. The properly insulated room will ensure uniform temperature inside the cropping room at every stage of crop growth.

Lack of air movement and accumulation of CO2 creates this type of situation. For round the clock monitoring of RH, monitoring of the bed and air temperature inside the room is desirable. Case run The environmental conditions suitable for spawn run, are suitable for case run as well.

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The online dating mensa will be affected adversely if any of these factors is not in its optimal range.

Lower RH in the room will be indicated by bed temperature falling below the air temperature, an undesirable situation to be avoided at any cost. Employment can be created for self and other persons by establishing mushroom cultivation unit. The cooling requirement will depend upon compost quantity fed inside the room, outside prevailing temperature, insulation on the walls, etc.

Mushrooms have high mineral content, particularly phosphorus and potassium. However, limited accommodation at nominal rates is also available at DMR hostel, which can be provided on first come first serve basis.

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Glucose and fat are present in very small quantity. The sensors will control the fogging jets in the AHU as per the requirement in the room. But by our modern method of cultivation its very very easy,time saving,money saving and most effective yield giving.

Azad University of Agriculture and Technology Kanpur. For pinning and cropping, the CO2 concentration is lowered around ambient ppm.

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Saturation point of humidity is the maximum number of grams of water vapours feasible in a cubic meter of air at a given temperature.

Carbohydrates of mushrooms do not contain starch and cane sugar sucrose. The CO2 gets Fig. So those who need our organic fertilizer Or mushroom spawn plese feel free to contact us. Thus, mushroom growing is a profitable venture.

Calorific value of mushrooms is quite low therefore it can be recommended as a slimming diet. The Cultivation Technology of above mushrooms will comprise of: This industry has very high employment generation and foreign exchange earning potential.

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Sophisticated modern technology of mushroom culture requires heavy investment. The airing is done suiting a particular situation, whether one wants to have a heavy first flush followed by moderate flushes later or equally spaced flushes.

The airing accordingly is handled under 3 heads: For spawn run, CO2 concentration between ppm is desirable strain dependent and it helps in quick spawn run in compost.

High CO2 symptoms in button mushroom pinning stage of crop growth helps in obtaining a heavy pin set, thus resulting in a luxurious crop growth and excellent yield of mushrooms.

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The cooling coils are fed with chilled water from the chiller, while the heating coils are fed with steam from boiler and fogging jets get water from trough placed at the bottom of the AHU by a small pump. Post harvest physiological and biochemical changes Storage of fresh mushrooms.

The AHU is generally installed on top of the entry door and is joined with a recirculating duct from inside the cropping room. However, it covers the cost of training material to be provided to the participants. The same conditions, as for spawn run will be continued for next 7 days for case run, i.

Primitive technology gives poor yield per unit area. Dates are tentative and subject to the change.

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The pinheads grow into full button sized mushrooms in another days. If the quantity is more, the price per growing medium block will go inverse to that.

Temperature Temperature in the room has two areas for monitoring i. The candidates are advised to regularly check nrc website. We provide the sterlized readymade growing medium for cultivating mushroom at the cheapest ever cost For more details please feel free to contact us.

DD of non selected candidates will be returned after selection of trainees. For More Details Contact Sh.

Mushroom Cultivating Methods

Mushroom is very good crop which gives very good return in the low space and low investment. Please don't waste your time thinking. White button mushroom - Agaricus bisporus and A.

Agricultural wastes straw, leaves, etc. The heat is removed via cooling coils after the room air gets into the AHU via recirculating duct. The incoming air should be humidified enough to prevent loss of moisture from the crop beds. Cropping After completion of case run, cooling inside the room is enhanced to bring the air temp.

We are also providing a big list of mushroom recipes. Air in a cropping room contains 9. During this phase, the fresh air valve is closed and entire air is recirculated, allowing the carbon dioxide to accumulate to the level of ppm, desirable for quick spawn run.

CO2 requirement at different stages mixed up with the fresh air and is carried under positive pressure towards the exhaust vent and finally exhausted. Primitive technology require very less investment but only two crops can be taken in a year because mushrooms require low temperature which is possible only during winters in plains of India.

Mushroom takes less time for production and its yield per unit area is highest of all crops. Application must reach us one month before the commencement of the respective training programme.

Self — employment opportunity: These devices are easily available and are effective in temperature control in the cropping room. During development from pinhead to button sized mushroom, higher concentration of CO2 will lead to long stiped mushrooms with a small cap openedwhich reduces the crop yields.

CO2 is produced by actively growing microorganisms in compost during spawn run, case run and by mushroom mycelia and mushrooms during entire cropping cycle Fig.