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I have pimples on my forehead.

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Voglio sapere se questo bel visino era pieno di prismen berechnen online dating alle superiori.

That kid I sent to the office had some weird zit cream on.

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Se non mi lavo subito i miei pori si ostruiscono, e si forma un bel nido di brufoli sulla fronte. Per strofinarsi la schiena a causa dei brufoli.

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Becca said she thought you could do something for my pimples. Just tell me if you want zit cream or pantyhose.

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Forse dovremmo chiedergli se ha qualcosa per i brufoli? Johnny ha due piccoli brufoli I mean, in high school, I had pimples and braces.

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Becca credeva tu potessi far qualcosa per i miei brufoli. If I don't shower right away my pores get all clogged and I get this, like, zit nest on my forehead. Se non avessi notato due nuovi brufoli, avrei pensato di aver sognato.

You don't leave your lane until you see the zits on that ball-carrier's face. Quel ragazzo che ho mandato dal preside aveva addosso una strana crema per i brufoli.

Sono solo un paio di brufoli. At my Sweet 16, I had these awful bangs and pimples and an overbite like Mister Ed. Quando ho compiuto sedici anni, avevo He's the guy that laurie rolled around with.

Ho dei brufoli sulla fronte!

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Gaga, it's my job to keep you away from ugly bumps on the map like Springfield. Jason Grant will have pimples all over his face.

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Fammi solo sapere se ti serve la crema per i brufoli, o dei collant. Voglio dire, alle superiori, avevo i brufoli e l'apparecchio.

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I understood it when you had a forehead full of pimplesbut now you're just hiding a pretty face. He has pimples and is cross-eyed. Maybe we should ask if he has anything for pimples?

Johnny has two tiny pimples I know you use it on your spots.

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The memory was in cathode ray tubes - a whole bunch of spots on the face of the tube - very, very sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances. I brufoli stanno sparendo, non mi sono trasferito in Galles, e ora tu.

Suggest an example Results: Jason Grant will have pimples all over his face. I want to know if this pretty face had pimples on it in high school.

Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. Growing up is such a barbarous business, full of inconvenience and pimples.

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It's scientifically proven that rest prevents pimples. No wonder you've still got pimples at your age. If it wasn't for the fact that I found two new spotsI'd think I was dreaming.

Suggest an example Results: Pensi che dica ai miei amici che usi i trucchi della mamma per coprire i brufoli sulla fronte? It's just a couple of pimples.

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No results found for this meaning. My spots clearing up, not moving to Wales, and now you.

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So che la usi per coprire i brufoli. Between the retainer and the bacneI just couldn't take it anymore. You know, chin hairs and back pimples are also side effects of taking steroids. Her face was full of pimples.