Dark Skyes -- an EPIC brony dating sim (Canceled) by Michael Harms — Kickstarter Dark Skyes -- an EPIC brony dating sim (Canceled) by Michael Harms — Kickstarter

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Is a brony dating sim called 'Dark Skyes' looking for backers on Kickstarter just a hoax?

Then Sam released the following video. As it stands now the new screenshots should not give a lot of confidence that the developer s can deliver. I reached out to Michael the night we posted our original Dark Skyes announcement asking if he would be open to an interview, and the next day he messaged me to say that I could interview him and gave me his Gmail address.

The next response from Michael, also posted on March 10th was much more defensive, understandably so. People got suspicious, investigated it and quickly realized it was just an attempt to scam money out of neckbeards. You said that this demo gives us brony dating sim kickstarter veronica feel for the game that we are looking at.

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The friends you keep using up? Wishing this was a crowdsourced sequel to my favorite candy advertisement disguised as a video game: I joined kickstarter when I heard about this project thinking it would be a great gift to my son, who is wildly devoted to MLP, has all the dolls and action figures etc.

Sam and MDE people then spent weeks posting extremely cringeworthy damage control posts and videos to desperately get people to believe it was real. Perhaps you are upset that all those people who gave you money for those tshirts never saw them. I emailed him again the next day and still have not heard back.

There's no magic button that makes you dragon ball capitulo 122 latino dating at life' Sam.

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In a few years, that will be a lawyer, if you are not already at that point. You telling me mde are the ones who made this in the first place? On the 10th, after the accusations had started, I emailed Michael 10 questions.

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Right now, that would be a psychologist. As soon as this revelation hit, a whole bunch of new Kickstarter accounts with pony avatars were created by people who tried to mindlessly shout completely vapid praise of the project and defend it with a complete lack of logic.

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I think i just fel- Yes, i definately just felt my soul die. Then it's lawyers all the way down. A few hours worth of work?

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April 1, My final comment on this matter, because arguing this is terrible for my emotional health. One of them posted this to Twitter: Maybe no one can.

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On March 11th Pukey posted the following entry to their DeviantArt journal: Are they really using Unity for a dating sim?

No voice acting yet? However, this rabbit hole is even deeper and funnier. So they like pranks, big deal right?

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Sorry, you need to Log In to post a reply to this thread. As it stands now Dark Skyes is either: Thanks TSP for posting this to the comments before I had a chance.

When this thing was finally canceled there was still four thousand dollars in pledges standing for this obvious hoax. You still have time to reach out and seek aid from a professional. I mean it Sam. The schemes that don't work out, again and again.

I'd love to see this made.

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In he video Sam states: Either way, Michael would be home free. It's stuff like this that explains why MLP has become such an important part of people's lifes.

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The last thing I wanted was to be scammed. It would be filled with MDE humor that the average brony who pays money for dating sims would probably hate, but the game would exist.

$7,500 funding goal

There's no need to victimize yourself. I would like to apologize for my lost temper. Saying that he has no time for PR is either the defense of someone with nothing to show, or one of the worst Kickstarter campaign organizers of all time.

A prank that will result in either no product for backers, or a product that is a joke and bears no resemblance to what was offered.

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It's always 'the next win' that will fix everything. A part of me wants to keep my pledge in there just to find out--if this kickstarter goes unfunded, I'll never know whether this could have been the gf substitute my 30 year old brony son desperately needs.

You are going to have to give in and get a real job. Also lol calm down dude.

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It's not gonna hit the kickstarter amount so I guess all the money is going to be returned anyway: Other questions that I have to ask in response to the new video: Thank you, and stay Brony my friends.