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Brett keane atheist dating. Brett keane is creating video's on god, religion, atheism, politics, games, music, news | patreon

The manatee has an irrational perspective of his own combat ability.


The amount of face punching is dependent orn whether orn not the courting chili contains cheese or not. This signaled that he emerged victorious in their fight situation.

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Brett Keane started off his YouTube career with surprisingly mundane videos about science and atheism without even showing his face and in the most inoffensive way possible. Turns out they just copied the lyrics from other songs without even changing the lyrics.

In one prominent example, after the release of the Xbox S in JuneBrett claimed his house would be going up for auction and that he desperately needed money in order to stay.

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A Little Internet History[ edit ] How Brett escapes depression Born illegitimately December 1st seriously, he's only 41 to a family of unemployed white trash, an upbringing of domestic violence, drug abuse and emotional, physical trauma and other tumult during childhood and adolescence was unavoidable and has shaped the personality him today.

I am wasting my time with you, d0pe.

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No more attention for you kid. He began blocking and insulting everyone, foolishly believing his ass was bulletproof. This is false however as most biologists feel the strain of standing for more than a few mins would likely kill him.

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Its hard to gauge as the manatee is a very deceptive creature while not moving far in his 40x20 natural range he is also an elusive creature. The manatee thinks he is scamming people, but its really just a pity donation. Brett Keane is a 41 year old thief, liar, deadbeat, wife-beating, piglike, aging Goth kid welfare cheat with a pear-head and a sharpied-on mustachio.

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In some videos the viewer may notice sunglasses on the doorknob. He is known to stare at the dogs asses for long periods of time. If you stare into his toothless abyss of a mouth for long, it will drive one insane.

It got so deranged, even his former fans crusaded against him. Sittin' there in his own filth only moving to have a smoke orn make up some bullshit orn the internet.

Soon after, Brett teamed up with a Christian YouTuber named Firefly, declaring an "e-war" on their haters and conspiring to misuse the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to get videos critical of them removed from the site.

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As ofthe book has 2. History Pre-YouTube Brett's presence on the internet began sometime aroundwhen he began to produce websites and posts on various message boards advertising his writing and his music.

The atheist manatee army stormed the castle, threatening his family with death. Seriously, who would want to be related to this gummy mother fucker.

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They plotted to over throw the king and liberate the people from his bullshit ways. Until his death, accusing them of having sex with underage dolphins and scamming others. Brett was quoted as saying, "I like to work my fist in and work him like a sock puppet.

Their excuse is that they are retarded, whats your excuse Brett? His great 10x ancestor, Mantin Keane used to rule the manatee kingdom with an iron fist, which he also used to beat his wife. Brett claimed he got the name Edward from a video posted by gimmeabreakman. - What is Atheism - By Brett Keane

Brett Keane comes from a noble family of manatee that used to rule the water ways in southern Florida over years ago. Until he sinks again.

Somewhere aroundBrett Keane first infected the internet like a fungal rashwith several half-baked websites and message board accounts, where he tried peddling his illiterate Christian Goth "novels" and incompetent attempts at "music".

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The manatee is a simple creature we don't fully understand as of yet. For example, early on, Brett explained away a privacy complaint about people using his real name something present on all of his videos and many of his channel names by bringing up his doxing and people supposedly attacking his family.

Its the gay demon who lives inside of his closet. Debate With Straightd0pe The two stopped communicating for around two years.

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It wasn't until the creation of his first YouTube account in that Brett's worst qualities began to show, though his plagiarism was discovered prior to it, on a now-defunct forum known as Atheist FM. Brett began to blame everyone he could think of of being behind the onslaught of trolls, even threatening to sue YouTube for not stopping it.

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Frequently, he was banned from these sites, but came back under pseudonyms. Who is Brett Keane?