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By dropping units too early or too late, your units will either suffer unnecessary damage, or your units cannot destroy the defenses on time. Take a look on the video and find out how! If you can afford at least one of them, you'll be given a short delay to fire them those you can afford will flash.

Combine the use of flares with them to move your units around in the base. Upgrade your units with Armory and load up your units with your land crafts, and better yet always make sure that your number of landing crafts are maxed per your level.

Try hiding it behind trees or possibly buildings. Learn more about this on the Intel page.

The Do's and Don'ts of Boom Beach

If this video helps you make sure to drop that "LIKE! If there are no troops or Critters remaining, after all troop projectiles and airborne Artillery have hit their target and ongoing Barrages have ended, the battle will end instantly if you don't have enough Gunboat Energy for additional ArtilleryBarrage or Critters.

K as well as some quick examples of his fancy new abilities at work! Ultimate tutorial for everything Heroes!

Boom Beach ATTACKING the WORST Bases! Blackguard Base Builder #3!!

After being fired, each Gunboat weapon will take some time to reach its destination depending on how far that destination is from the Gunboat so it is important to time your Weapon launch.

You can exchange tank with heavys. When this happens, use shock bomb to disable a cluster of them and barrage to damage them all. The amount of available loot is determined at the time of your first scout of the base.

Put headquarters outside Boom beach attacking high level bases of dating is not Clash of Clans at all! Best Boom Beach gameplay, attack Best Boom Beach gameplay, attack In this game, if you rush your medals you will face a lot of hard people.

Boom beach strategy guide

This is currently the most popular strategy among high level players. The attack timer shows the amount of time that you have left in the attack. If you want loot then keep it inside, and when you win a battle for loot you win medals!

Boom Beach gameplay by Rushing it will cause you to not be able to attack, so it is recommended to take it easy with the medals and not mind them so much.

Kavan the jolly tribal medic with They can't attack in ANY other places, just there, so if you place headquarters to the very end furthest away from spawn area then you are creating a challenge for your enemies to make it all the way to the end.

Gradually switch your statues into troops enhancing statues will always be better than having the resource ones. Unit Mix Strategies Although you can really mix and match your units to target specific bases, below are some general mixes that do pretty well for the villages of your level range.

Focus on offense more than defense Offense takes a big play in this game, you need to focus on offense more than defense. Tapping on buildings will show some of their statistics such as health and DPS, and tapping on defensive structures will show their attack range.

You almost always want to drop them close to the defense buildings instead of other buildings. Boom Beach Scorcher and Tank Attacks! Boom Beach - Guide To Dr.

The Do's and Don'ts of Boom Beach

Partially destroying a base without destroying the main building will not result in any rewards. Brick's Battle Orders with Warriors. Consider that as a bonus for you! However, if the enemy defense has a sore cannon at the beginning, dropping off a swarm of infantries first may work.

Learn more about this on the Resource Base page. Not protecting headquarters is already explained at the top of the don'ts in Boom Beach. Learn more about this on the Victory Point page.

In the bottom left area of your screen, there will be one button for each Landing Craft that you loaded for the battle. Get a free strategy Through proper planning, you will know exact when and where to attack.

Tapping this will immediately cause any Troops on the battlefield to stop attacking and run back to the Landing Craft at a higher than normal speed. Boom Beach - How to get Perfect Statues!

Boom Beach - How To Attack High Level Bases - Vídeo Dailymotion

Rush your armory level If you do then you will be stuck on that gold for a while. If the Headquarters is not destroyed after that point then the attack concludes in a defeat for the attacker.

There is something called energy points in a battle. Timing Depending on which buildings that your units encounter first, you need to time your drops. Pink timers represent Flare durations. Starting an Attack Troops need to be trained in your Landing Craft prior to the attack.

One or more Victory Points may be awarded depending on the type of base destroyed. What would happen is that the enemies would take your medals, if you think that going such high medals would put you with tougher enemies then you are wrong.

Troops that survive the attack, regardless of the outcome of the attack a victory, a defeat by running out of time, or a retreatwill return to your home base after the attack. Subscribe to the 1 Boom Beach Channel: After tapping retreat, a button will replace it.

Focus for offense more because it will help you fight tougher enemies and beat Hammerman and Dr. That way it will be hard for your opponent to plan attacks against you! Once they are all off of the battlefield, the attack will end and no rewards will be received.

Not protect non-defensive buildings or headquaters. Rushing headquarters will maximize your progress and you can constantly upgrade both offense and defense. Landing Craft Overlap There is another factor in place is that your landing ships cannot overlap one another. Boom Beach Hero Ability Guide!

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Click here to subscribe! White timers represent Smoke Screen durations. We also post Boom We also post Boom Beach attack strategy and base designs. The amount of energy you start with at the beginning of an attack is determined by your Gunboat level and Gunboat Energy Statues.