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They haul him in for questioning along with his mother and she admits that she runs the family sex trafficking business and killing the girl in cold blood. His name is Arco and the find him in an instant.

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We could only wish that all young women victimized in our country could have the good ending that a few in this story had. The girl has a letter sewn into the bottom of her nightgown and Kate is looking for a Russian translator.

She agrees to go to his room but he catches her returning the shirt to his closet. Rigor set in so she is stuck in that position.

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We would normally not comment on such a lovely depiction of intimacy, however we are sure that there will be many dating story games for girls who will try to make the creators and supporters of this show uncomfortable.

Therefore, we felt we had to comment and hope that everyone connected with this episode knows how much it is appreciated. He tears off running but is later apprehended at the airport. They figure he still had unfinished business in the states. Megan watches Kate walk away with Sergei and suspects something is up.

Because Sergei was once allowed in the lab security lets him in to see her once again, she panics at the sight of him standing over her desk.

Kate runs the DNA and it matches the dead girls.

Meanwhile Kate meets Sergei at a nearby upscale party and they more than hit it off. Kate then calls Megan in a panic and according to her sergei has body of proof fallen angel ivan sergei dating in the country only two weeks.

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Yesterday on NPR I heard an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on this topic, emphasizing that slavery is very real and present here, today. His limo is waiting for him outside the police station. They finish talking at the Consulate gate and say goodbye on good terms. They plan for Kate to sneak his shirt back into his room so that it can be obtained legally and used to prosecute him.

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She tells her that the girls with bar codes are stolen from villages and kept in cages. The fact that it could be here in America is unconscionable, but true. She confronts him and of course he lies.

Kate is doing research and finds a picture of Sergei looking awfully chummy with Arco at the gala.

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He volunteers to take her to lunch to explain it all. While he showers she finds a bloody dress shirt of his and tries to bolt. Megan also thinks he has killed two other girls.

Primary in importance is that the writer and actors spellbind us into a story reminding us that sexual slavery is alive and deplorable in our country and around the world.

Sergei gets out of the shower and she tells him she got a phone call.

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They end up upstairs in a hotel room for a hot hookup. Megan autopsies the girl and realizes that she had been pregnant and the child was cut out. Kate makes a big mistake and brings Sergei in to translate her letter.

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Was this review helpful to you? He took her baby alive and gave it to the girls parents. Sergei tells her that the girls family hired her to find her. The run the bar code on her neck and find that she was the property of a Russian pimp.

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They haul him in for questioning and he is ultimately freed because of being a member of the Ukranian Consulate. Megan is called to the scene and the girl has been posed sitting up in an angel position.

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She rushes out but leaves her phone on his couch. Sergei rips her shirt and finds the wire on her. We did and we recapped it here for you!

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To create this good an episode, the script had to be well-written, directing had to be sensitive, and the acting superb. In a scene depicting photos of sex slaves having been rescued, I appreciated how vulnerable these young women appeared, and how discretely their condition was depicted.

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Tune in next week for another Body of Proof. Sergei wakes to his phone ringing and flashes back to pulling the trigger on the young girl. While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Body of Proof Season 2, so far!

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Megan heads to one of the Russian clubs where she talks to a female pimp. But Megan was shocked by what she found in his waiting room. She rolls onto the pavement and takes off running barefoot.

But when a young Russian girl is found murdered near the hotel where she and Sergei are having a tryst, Kate begins to suspect that he may be involved and turns to Megan for help.

Incredibly sensual, satisfyingly romantic.

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